Izmir Has Increased Target, Rail System Network Will Increase to 262 Km

262 rail system in Izmir
262 rail system in Izmir

Giving information about the rail system investments in İzmir at İEKKK, the General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. Buğra Gökçe said, “We aim to reach 262 kilometers of our rail system network with additional metro, tram and suburban lines.” When compared to the population, this figure Gökçe noted that the largest rail network in Turkey, said that they will work to reduce the frequency of Metro's time to 90 seconds.

Izmir Economic Development Coordination Board (İEKKK), which was established in 2009 under the leadership of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and has representatives of institutions and organizations that have a decisive role in the city economy, held its 82nd meeting at the Historical Gas Factory. During the meeting, the General Secretary of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Buğra Gökçe made a presentation on the latest status of the rail system investments they made. Mustafa Güçlü, one of the members of the Board, also conveyed information about the Turkish economy and the current state of the Izmir economy. Özkan Yücel, who is the President of the Izmir Bar Association, and Prof. Ergin who was appointed as the Rector of Izmir High Technology. Yusuf Baran has become the new members of IEKKK.

939 million dollar metro investment
Speaking after the opening speech of IEKKK Chairperson Selami Özpoyraz, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe said that the rail system in İzmir consists of 3 basic parts, namely İZBAN, metro and tram, and an average of 939 thousand citizens travel daily on the Üçyol - Bornova Evka 300 route thanks to the metro investment implemented with a total budget of 3 million dollars. Stating that some metro constructions have stopped in other cities due to the economic crisis of the country, Gökçe stated that the construction of the 7.2-kilometer Üçkuyular - Narlıdere metro line continues in İzmir and said, “This is a huge project of 1 billion 27 million liras. We will work with two deep tunnel boring machines on 5 shafts. One of our machines continues to be installed; The other came to Turkey. With an investment of 72 million liras, we are constructing underground storage next to Atatürk Stadium in Halkapınar. We plan to finish in 2019. Within the scope of this study, we are also making a promotion center in Ozan Abay Underpass to prevent the problem in rains. This will be an innovative, modern warehouse that can be compared with world examples. ”

We found the loan for Buca metro
Providing information about the planned rail system investments Buğra Gökçe, Konak and Karşıyaka During the construction of the tram, Buca also integrated the project to the Ministry of Transport, but the Ministry said, "we will do," he said after they said:
Ik When the Ministry did not implement this project itself, we prepared the 2016 metro project instead of the tram by considering the population increase of Buca in 13.5. We sent the 2017 to the Ministry of Transport in August and received the approval of the feasibility. However, we needed international credit as our subway project, like other cities, was not financed by the government. We found the loan. We had to submit the project to the Ministry of Development High Planning Council to get approval for the construction tender with international credit. But the confirmation did not come. After the June elections, 24 did not leave the Ministry of Development. Do you have a High Planning Board? We don't know exactly. When we learned that the Presidency was a supreme council, and that one of its offices had decided to finance such investments, we wrote an article. We haven't received a response yet. Technically, there is no shortage of making this investment. Teknik

90 seconds goal in subway
Secretary General Gökçe stated that they had a security problem because of the contact with the buildings at the point where the single station line 3 kilometers will be carried from Evka 1.2 to Bornova center. He added that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is ready for the central metro lines of the 15-kilometer Buca and Bornova. She pulled.

262 to rail network
In his speech, Dr. TCDD in cooperation with the suburban system implemented in the world that draws attention to Dr. Gokce, continued his speech:
“As İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, we made an investment of 467 million dollars for İZBAN line. The length of our 136 kilometers of suburban line will reach 188 kilometers when we reach Bergama. Selçuk Belevi Station is under construction. Without the rail system, it would not be possible to solve the transportation problem with limited road infrastructure. 122 with our tram project realized with an investment of millions of dollars Karşıyakawe carry 35 thousand passengers a day in Istanbul and 75 thousand passengers in Konak. This figure will increase to 100 thousand in Konak Tramway. Karşıyaka We will extend the tram line to Mavişehir. Our trams passing through the 21 centimeter grass section are the hallmarks of İzmir. As for approval from the Ministry of Transport Karşıyaka We will extend the Tram Line to Katip Çelebi University. Both Cigli State Hospital, AOSB, and the university will ease access. We aim to reach 262 kilometers of rail system network in İzmir with additional subway, tram and suburban lines. When compared with the population, a rail system in Istanbul nor what size can not be compared with other cities in Turkey this network. "

You should not drive to the city center
Following the General Secretary of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Bugra Gokce, Ege Giyim Org. Singing. Regional Entrepreneur Delegation Committee Chairman Nedim Örün, Konak and Karşıyaka He stated that the trams coincide with the investments that should be made for İzmir and that they provide a very good service. ESİAD Chairman Fadıl Sivri stated that the tram was very suitable for İzmir with its greening works. Gokce, who spoke again on the questions of some board members about traffic congestion at certain points, stated that they had interviewed with the Police Department before the schools were opened and that they were prevented from parking in the troubled points with the support of the Police and that they did not experience serious traffic distress. Gökçe reminded that the tram passes through the city centers in the important metropolises of the world and completed his words as follows: We'il get vehicle traffic underground. Application projects are almost finished. The next semester is evaluated. The basic principle of transportation planning all over the world is that the city center is not a place to come by private car. Because if there is a congestion. The same goes for Izmir. Because the population of Izmir is no longer 1.5 million. The number of vehicles is increasing day by day. If we hadn't invested in a rail system. Our current bus number would be 1250 thousand instead of 3. Consider the impact this has on both traffic and environmental pollution. And a bus operation that hurts. The public is also burdened ”.

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