We will continue to be the Union Leading Turkish Transport-Sen

we will continue to be a union
we will continue to be a union

📩 23/11/2018 19:03

Turkish Transportation-Sen Chairman Mustafa Nurullah Albayrak, Vice President and General They work continues uninterrupted to visit anywhere in Turkey.

Turkish Transportation-Sen Chairman Mustafa Nurullah Albayrak and Vice President are rapidly moving towards becoming union officials continued uninterrupted to visit the workplace anywhere in Turkey.

Chairman Mustafa, who took office about 9 months ago Nurullah Albayrak, floor by way 9 80 thousand kilometers month, members touring every inch of Turkey's place of business on each side and has consultations with all public employees.

Albayrak; 'In order to achieve our goal of becoming a amak Competent Union dur in all workplaces and to protect and improve the economic and social rights of its members at the collective bargaining table, our main motive is not to leave a workplace and unhappy public employees.

Neither you, nor I, together with the Turkish Transport-Sen principle, all our organizations continue to struggle with the union in a single body. Ne

26 years, the Turkish Officer voice,% 100 domestic and national trade union, under the chairmanship of the Turkish Transport-Sen President Mustafa Nurullah Albayrak effective unit of experience and knowledge is moving towards the goal of becoming a General Authorized Union.

Employees working in the OGidilen workplace and the interest of the union and the General President is the biggest indicator of this.

Albayrak; ”As Türk Ulaşım-Sen, we will continue to oppose the civil servant who oppresses the Officer and oppresses the economic indicators against the mentality, which works for our country, produces for our nation, leads the way for the rulers of the country. Ulaşım

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