2018 Year of Completion of Road, Transportation and Unfinished Works in Bursa

Accelerating the steps taken by Bursa with the aim of making it a comfortable city, Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on asphalt, cleaning and strip expansion at important points in the city center and central districts.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which declared 2018 in Bursa as the 'year of completing roads, transportation and unfinished works', intervenes immediately in infrastructure failures in key points of the city. In the works carried out in this direction, hot asphalt was poured by applying a surface coating to the 1,6 km part on Kükürtlü Street. Within the scope of similar applications, strip expansion activities were carried out in front of Korupark. In front of the Mihraplı-Çaça, a smart intersection application study, which was implemented in 29 intersections in Bursa and with successful results, was carried out.

The central districts also got their share from the asphalt, cleaning and strip expansion activities of the Metropolitan Municipality. Osmangazi district of Gündoğdu, while the ditching work was carried out on the Kurşunlu Road. In the Hüseyinalan Rural Quarter of Osmangazi, hot asphalt was applied on the 8 kilometer.

Metropolitan Municipality 'Bursa in the direction of the studies carried out in this direction' passed the information, the city is growing rapidly by drawing attention to the attention, especially in the studies were given weight traffic and traffic were recorded. Citizens in a comfortable and uninterrupted access to the information expressed in the information note, the city center with a touch of people with simple touches was noted that easy lives.

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