Sycamore Trees on Tram Line in Izmir

Plane trees in the tram line region, which reacts to the passing of green areas in İzmir, is being overthrown. Experts warn if

Because of the tramway which was built on Gazi Boulevard in Izmir and passed through green areas, sycamore trees are in danger. Despite the risk of damaging 81 annual trees, the tram, the chambers and the public had gathered great reaction. The first sycamore was overthrown last month because of the line that put the sycamore trees in danger.

'Urban slaughter for the sake of capital'
Despite all the objections made by Landscape Architects, Architects and City Planners, a second sycamore tree was also lying on the line in the past days. The people are worried about the complete overthrow of the trees.

People, ler Somehow things happen. Keselim said that they are concerned about these trees d and the disappearance of the beauty of the whole street. Or There has been a massacre of urbanism, kullanım he said, complaining that the city center has been pushed out of public use day by day.

'Risk of loss of life and property'
Özlem Şenyol, Head of İzmir Branch of the Chamber of Urban Planners (ŞPO), who conveys his views to BirGün about the subject, said that the sycamore trees had been damaged due to the root structure passing through the surface.

Esi We have made our objections to the Metropolitan Municipality with the relevant professional chambers. We said that the situation posed a risk to the loss of life and property, and that they should make a determination, da he said, adding that the municipality has not yet shared a solution to the issue.


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