2030 Projection of Transport Shaped on Public Transport


By the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, German Dr. According to the Transportation Master Plan final report made by Brenner company, the 2030 projection of transportation was shaped on public transportation. The plan prepared by Dr. Dr. Brenner company owner. Manfred Brenner emphasized that the historical identity of the city center will soon disappear if no action is taken.
In order to produce scientific solutions to the transportation problem of Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality decided to The Transportation Master Plan, which was commissioned by Brenner and targeted the 2030 year, was completed. The report, which was prepared in line with the surveys conducted in different locations of the society, including the citizens and drivers, and the vehicle counts at different points, was told to the Provincial Assembly, the Metropolitan Municipality Council and the UKOME Board members in the Presidential Hall of Atatürk Congress Culture Center. ITU Faculty Professors Prof.Dr. Haluk Gerçek and Prof.Dr. Dr. Ergün Gedizlioğlu also attended the meeting. Owner of Brenner Manfred Brenner said it himself.

Permanent solution to transportation

Speaking at the opening of the meeting, Mayor Recep Altepe, for the 2030 year, is to find a long-standing solution that targets 1,5 year instead of producing daily solutions for transportation. Brenner said they were working with the firm. Dr.Brenner company around the world over the 30, the transportation plan of the capital reminded President Altepe, as 50 20 70 in the last years of our city is growing at the beginning of problems. In this direction, we allocate more than 30 of our investments for transportation. Both rail system investments, tramway, intersection arrangement and road expansion work is aimed at removing the problem. We have nationalized 200 building so far on the 7-meter road that we have designed in parallel to Ankara road. Soon this path will be completed. In addition, the Transportation Master Plan, which was prepared to produce permanent and scientific solutions for transportation, was realized with the participation of all stakeholders. 234 13 neighborhood 448 in 48 neighborhood in metropolitan metropolitan area 600 thousand 5 people face-to-face surveys were made. 2 point 223 bin 68 driver was surveyed. 7 junction video was taken at the 24 junction and XNUMX day XNUMX time vehicle measurements were made on the main streets. X

Public transport is a must

After preparing the Transportation Master Plan after about 1,5 years of work, Dr. Manfred Brenner, owner of the Brenner company, provided information about current vehicle counts and measures to be taken. Dr. Brenner stated that this number will increase to 2 million in 476 and 293 million 2020 thousand in 3,3. Pointing out that the number of trips with private vehicles will increase by 2030 percent in 4 compared to today, Dr. “We made a plan in line with the goal of ensuring high urban quality, enabling people to live and work comfortably, have the opportunity to travel fast, environmentally friendly and keep the environment healthy for the future.

All of these will be achieved only by popularizing public transportation. According to our plans, Bursaray will again form the main backbone of transportation. In addition, we foresee 3 tram lines consisting of 1 main and 4 ring, 8 primary bus lines and 75 secondary bus lines ”.
Atatürk Street is a must-see

He said that he had the opportunity to visit many cities of the world. Brenner said, merkez However, I have not seen a center that reveals the historical identity of a city like Osmangazi city center. This is not as important as a central traffic. If the current trend continues and no arrangements are made, you can lose this historical identity that made Bursa Bursa. In Osmangazi, we have to quickly recover the lost areas as public spaces. In this respect, we care about the Metropolitan Municipality's pedestrianization of Cumhuriyet Caddesi. However, this is not enough, Ataturk Street must be pedestrianized. Transportation should be provided by public transport with a tram line passing through here. Buradan

Dr. Brenner shared a detailed report with the participants on the bike paths and pedestrian roads to be constructed, as well as the pedestrianization of Altiparmak Avenue, the connection of the Terminal and the City Square with the tram line and the parking arrangements.

We have to match the cars to the city

The prepared Master Plan of Transportation is an important study that will shed light on the future of Bursa with its current data. Haluk Gerçek, on the other hand, emphasized that land use changes and public investments can be shaped healthily in the light of these data. Emphasizing the importance of public transportation Prof.Dr. The truth is, çalış We have tried to match the cities to the cars so far. Actually the cars need to fit into the city. Therefore, certain regions should be completely abandoned to pedestrians in accordance with the needs. Special vehicles should be left to the parking places at the points to be determined Özel.

At the end of the meeting who spoke at the end of the Deputy Mayor Mustafa Gold, prepared the Master Plan of Transportation, about 2 month, academic rooms, professional chambers, civil society organizations will be told, the opinions and suggestions of all sections of the community will be taken after the report will be presented to the Metropolitan Municipality.

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