President Çelik: "Everyone Should Own What Is Done For The City"

Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Republic Square and Forum Kayseri Shopping Center in front of the explanations about the arrangement made.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, Sivas Street and the pavement of the way they work on the side of the fishermen and trades on behalf of the statement made by the statement said significant. Chairman Steel, which is the biggest support to the artisans in Turkey Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality said that made taking into consideration the common interests of the city and trades of this study. President Mustafa Celik, the city's busiest street in the arrangement that eliminates the blockage of everyone who loves this city noted that the owner said.

Mayor Mustafa Celik, said that one of Turkey's largest city with a population of Kayseri thousand 1 376 million. Expressing that they work day and night to invest in the whole of the population and to invest in not only the present but also the future of the population, Mayor Çelik stated that they did important works in all areas; but they said they gave much more importance to transportation. In line with this importance, 2017 announces that they have announced the Year of Transport and that they continue their projects in the 2018 without slowing down. On the one hand 50 makes the traffic more streamlined with the arrangements we make at the separate intersection, while on the other hand, by increasing the number of lanes by expanding on many streets such as Talas Road, Sivas Caddesi and Wonderland Land Road, we eliminate traffic jams. The closest witness to the comfort of the traffic in these regions is our fellow countrymen. Yap

Sivas Caddesi, Cumhuriyet Square and Forum Kayseri in front of a similar arrangement is made in the presence of President Mustafa Celik, the street is locked in this part of the traffic, especially street trades, known by everyone, he said. The second strip of the road with a lane parked in the park to park the vehicles of those who want to long vehicle queues on the street falling into the single lane occurred and this situation, especially the regional shopkeepers and everyone who is uncomfortable President Mustafa Celik, said: we look at. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality's support to artisans and tradesmen have given perspective has been an example to Turkey. This is also expressed by the representatives of artisans on every occasion. It is not true to make different evaluations. As stated by the artisan, Sivas Caddesi is the busiest street of our city. A lot of work has been done to keep traffic on this street regularly; however, traffic congestion could not be prevented due to car parked in two lanes. In spite of the parking ban, everyone who lives in our city is witness to the fact that vehicle traffic falling into one lane due to two rows of parking is completely blocked in morning and evening peak hours. No one could have expected us to watch as long as the long queues of vehicles were drawn on the street where the majority of our population was 1 million 376 thousand. In such a case, it was inevitable that an arrangement would be made, and as a result of the consultations, the present arrangement was made. I have expressed this year many times over the past year and this year. While working on the changes in pedestrian railings, pedestrian roads and bus stop, I went to the region several times during the day and night, and made observations, and we held meetings in the workplaces of both our municipality and our artisans. This work we have done has been appreciated by many sections of the city and we have received many thanks phone. It is the city of the city trades and everyone knows that I am friendly to my trades. To express the opposite does not cover the truth, Bun he said.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, the fishing craftsmen in this region said that the workplaces of the two sides of the workplaces in the back façade of the workplace with the shopkeepers working on a new project in Uluğ Street reminded me. President Çelik stated that the project works started on Uluğ Street at the request of the fishermen tradesmen. Ifade Several projects have been prepared for making the street more beautiful than today. Our negotiations on these projects continue. We do parking arrangements in Yeniçay Street for the parking needs of the customers coming to the workplace. In addition, we provided our shopkeepers with free parking facilities at the Hunat Storey Car Park. In spite of all these efforts, it is not correct to ask the Metropolitan Municipality to be shown in different ways. Tüm



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