Muğla Metropolitan Road Works


Muğla Metropolitan Municipality provides a safe travel for the citizens through the construction of roads and bridges with neighboring provinces as well as roads throughout the province.

Mugla, 360 2210 km road with 2018 investment and 268 km road work in the XNUMX km in the beginning of the work of the Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Aydın, Denizli, Antalya and neighboring cities such as the connection roads and bridges with the Metropolitan Municipalities to work with the citizens to ensure safe and modern ways to travel . Karaçay Bridge connecting Muğla-Antalya provinces, Menteşe-Beyağaç road works between Muğla and Denizli provinces, road works between Milas and Didim between Muğla and Aydın were completed and presented to the service of the citizen.

17 kilometers of the 10 kilometer road on the Karacaören-Beyağaç road, which forms the boundary of Muğla-Denizli. km road work was done by Muğla Metropolitan Municipality. The Karnakay bridge, which connects the Seydikemer and Kas districts on the Muğla-Antalya border, was carried out by the Muğla and Antalya Metropolitan Municipalities.

President Gürün; Iz We work with mutual understanding and cooperation without discrimination to ensure that our citizens receive the best service. “

Natural beauty, history and human tissue structure with Turkey's Aegean region and that they live in one of the city's most eminent Muğla Mayor Dr. Osman Gürün stated that they work in harmony with other institutions and municipalities in order to provide the best service to the city and the citizens they live in as local administrators. Mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Osman Gürün; Biri Muğla 13 bin 247 is one of the most special cities of our country with its surface area of ​​1480, coastline of 68 km, 13 forest presence, 7 county with its valued 24. We are working for our citizens living in Muğla and our local and foreign guests to provide the best service for XNUMX / XNUMX. In our province, which has a wide geography, we cooperate with neighboring cities to produce joint projects and build inter-city bridges. We are working with mutual understanding and cooperation in order to ensure that our citizens receive the best service. Vat

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