FTSO Management Closely Follow Babadag Cable Car Project

The tender of the Babadağ Cable Car Project with the directors of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry kazanan Kırtur Ltd.Şti. executives and the company's technical team met to discuss the final status of the project. The company executives said that the 2nd chairlift line is about to end, the equipment for the cable car has been produced and the shipment will start from Switzerland to Fethiye in August.

Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board of Directors and Fethiye Power Union Company Board of Directors members awarded the tender on Tuesday, July 10 to discuss the latest status of the Babadağ Cable Car Project. kazanheld a meeting with the managers and technical team of an Kırtur Ltd.Şti. At the meeting, the works carried out for a year since the tender and site delivery last year and the latest status of the project were discussed.

After the delivery of the location 1 years ago, all the work done with the FTSO and FGB managers officials, the 1700 meter runway with the 1800 meter runway connects the 1 meter runway, the 1800 meter runway and the 1900 meter runway connecting the 2.telesiyej line in the month of August he said it would end.

Evaluating the information provided by company officials and technical team FTSO Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board of FGB Osman Çıralı, contrary to what the former administration said in the room elections, yet a study on the main ropeway said that the work. Çıralı said that only the ski lifts have been made so far. The cable car departure station will be subject to change. We are in the process of obtaining preliminary permits. The construction will start quickly after the permits are obtained and the zoning plan is approved. Investments were made according to the contract to extend the rent period of Babadağ. We forwarded our request for extension of time to Forestry Directorate. After the extension of the period, our rental period will be 29. Im

There will be 10 cabinets

Osman Çıralı also gave information about the cable car manufacturing and assembly process, which will provide transportation to the mountain. Transportation will be provided by 10 cabinets. There will be an intermediate station on the 1200 track. The cable car will end at the 1700 circuit. Upon completion of the lift, 1700 will be able to travel to the 13 meter runway in minutes. Access to the 1800 and 1900 meters will be provided by the ski lift. For the production of all equipment belonging to the ropeway of the project, the company received orders from the Swiss BMF. The cabins will have 10 personality, panoramic view, interior and exterior lighting. The production will be completed this month and material shipments will be made in August and September. During this time, the foundation concrete will be thrown at the construction site and construction of the control buildings will continue. Bu

Noting that the works in Babadağ continue meticulously, FTSO Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the FGB Board of Managers Osman Çıralı stated that all the works are followed closely. Çıralı, who thanked Kenan Kıran by stating that Kırtur company works with devotion, said that the project was completed as soon as possible and started tourism. kazanHe stressed that they are doing their best to get rid of it.

The company officials under the project, the construction of social facilities within the scope of the project continues, 1900 meter run of coffee at the meter run began, the restaurant at the 1700 meter run in the first days of August will begin to serve, he said.

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