Faces of Dağbeli and Bademağacı Meet with Comfortable Public Transport

The public transportation services initiated by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality to the Dağbeli and Bademağacı neighborhoods of Döşemealtı District, which is 54 kilometers away from the center, won the great satisfaction of the citizens. The survivors of the old minibuses, the residents of the neighborhood who enjoy the transportation of air conditioned and comfortable buses thank the Metropolitan Municipality.

Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Turel, Ramadan Month in the iftar program attended by the citizens of Dağbeli and Bademagaci gave the good news of the public transport expedition. This gospel of President Türel took place in a short time, DC27 Bus Station-Dental Hospital-Döşemealtı-Dağbeli-Bademagaci line began to serve. DC27 laughed the face of the people of the region. Dagbeli and Bademagaci residents who enjoy easy transportation to Antalya are enjoying the joy of comfortable and convenient transportation.

We make comfortable and comfortable travel
Tahsin Cüner, a resident of Bademağacı, said, T The bus service was very nice. Both hours and wages were very pleased. When we have a job in the center of Antalya, we can take the bus and finish our business and return to Bademagaci again at noon. Thank you very much to Menderes Chairman ım.

Allah, Menderes be pleased from the President
Salih Oktay, head of the Bademağacı Neighborhood, said,. The neighborhood residents are very happy with the voyages. Our citizens can easily see and work in Antalya. This is a great comfort. God bless from the Mayor of Allah Menderes, Allah he said.

We were afraid to ride old minibuses.
Şaban Kuntar said, sal Before the flights, we were going to shake Antalya on the old minibuses. We were afraid to board the dolmus. What air conditioning had neither heater. It's infamy. Now we have taken that fear with the new modern buses. Who doesn't want a comfortable ride. New buses are both large and air-conditioned. The driver is very understanding with friends. We are all very pleased. How happy we are. Ne

We're deprived of Bucak buses
One of the inhabitants of the region, Musa Akan reminded that they were sentenced to Bucak buses to reach Antalya before, Bu The service of the Metropolitan Municipality was very good. The price is very convenient for citizens as well as comfort and hours. It is now easier, faster and more convenient to get to the center. Artık

Filled sailings during the day
DC27, 07.00, 10.00, 15,30, 18.00 hours from the bus station and Bademagaci'ndan go on a mutual journey. The last time he moves from Bademagaci at 20.15. With DM 85 and DM 86 lines, the transportation of the citizens from Dosemealti to the dental hospital is easy.

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