President Uysal Introduces Vehicle Tracking System Practically

The Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal introduced the Vehicle Tracking System, which was introduced to the excavation trucks that caused serious problems in the traffic in Istanbul. Speaking at the meeting, President Uysal said; Orum I would like to thank the 39 district municipality for the support it provided when the Takip Vehicle Tracking System em started. The 39 district municipality does not have the possibility of processing the system unless it is not able to keep it safe from the exit point of the excavation. I thank them. After that, we say that if we keep our business firm and tight, we will continue this business ak.

President of Istanbul Environment Management Industry and Trade Inc. (ISTAC) Piyalepaşa'da center of the press conference held with bureaucrats President Uysal, aşa 8 bin 66 ATS device was installed in the truck. The remaining thousand 500 trucks will also be included in the system. Those who do not install ATS will not be able to carry excavation. If they are not going to be included in this system, they should not be hoped. Those who intend not to enter the system should look for another job after that. Because, those who do not use the device can not carry the excavation, Çünkü he said.

In the headquarters of ATS, President Uysal informed the members of the press by following the trucks instantly in front of the giant screens. In We can clearly see and monitor where the excavation trucks are located in the system. When our citizens see them in Istanbul, "will see how important work is done," he said.

- Terör Excavation Truck Terrorism r
The press members of the excavation trucks in the traffic problem "Excavation Truck Terrorism," he reminded President Uysal, "damage to the citizens of the earthmoving traffic in the traffic, the property of private individuals, streets and roads dumps and most importantly, Istanbul, the water supply to the dam reservoirs in the last ATS he will find bula.

President Uysal emphasized that the ATS studies were based on 1,5 years ago and the last 3 was focused on the system and concentrated on the system. In addition, the speed of the truck, the load, where the current system can be seen. It will also be possible to track where the truck's damper is opened and closed on the ATS. Kamyon

President Uysal, who showed that trucks were tracked from İSTAÇ center with the device installed in trucks, uy Although we can follow this system from satellite, this is the application of it. Excavation work is carried out at low levels, especially at night. 24 hour based control is performed for this purpose. The location of the excavated area, where it will be poured, the route of the road and the speed after departure are clear. On the way there is no stopping in any place, on the way to a place to remove the damper, whether or not the route is being monitored. If there is any violation of the rules, our police, police and gendarmes are immediately informed Kural. President Uysal also said that studies on the pursuit of chemical and industrial wastes have been carried out.

-39 Thanks to our Municipality-
Although most of the excavators do the job properly, but a small number of job does not work properly due to the excavation of the excavators emphasized the image of the excavators Uysal said: yap Because of someone's mistakes, all the earthmoving trucks, a reaction, a criticism is coming. With the ATS, we keep the right of the people who do their job properly. We also prevent the reaction to them because of the wrong ones. Citizens in the name of the fast way, opening the damper to the road to go to the shredding, or the pull of the waste as a result of the waste of the environment to the front of those who have wasted waste. However, the system alone does not bring a permanent solution. The system will function well when the task is done by the job. I would like to thank the 39 district municipality for the support it provided when the i Vehicle Tracking System “started. The 39 district municipality does not have the possibility of processing the system unless it is not able to keep it safe from the exit point of the excavation. I thank them. After that, if we keep our business firm and tight, I say that this will continue. Bundan

-Distributed Tablet PC
President Uysal follow-up traffic in the traffic police, gendarmerie and municipal police teams will distribute the tablet pc and that the information will be displayed on the screen all the information about the excavation truck that passed the road, President Uysal, "non-compliance with the rules, traffic in order to prohibit the truck will begin operations. Therefore, those who are not included in the system should have an ATS device to their vehicles until April 2. Bu

-Bedeli 750 TL-
The software used in ATS is made by İstanbul Informatics and Intelligent Urban Technologies Inc. (İSBAK) and the devices to be mounted on trucks will be installed by İSTAÇ. The device will be 750 TL for two years.

Following the statements of President Uysal, how the trucks were tracked with the ATS device was shown to the press members live. On the map showing the trucks exceeding the speed limit, a truck's damper was requested upon request. The truck opened in the wrong place in the wrong location of the error was displayed in İSTAÇ.

-ATS How it Works -
The information of the vehicles that infringes the rules in the system where the activities of the excavation trucks are shown with colors and signs are coming to the center instantly. In the event that the situation is clarified on the computers, the operators in the region are given an announcement in order to carry out an operation on the truck or to warn the driver.

- 53 Bin to Truck Owners, 175 Thousand TL Penalty to Companies
Officials warn all kinds of information in case of a violation of the truck drivers registered in the center and prevent the excavation from being poured into areas outside the designated areas. The 2016 vehicle, which doesn't work in the 396 where 35 is involved in the 288, has been awarded 128 million 2017 692 123 754 331 2018 8.5 53 175 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX. XNUMX Thousand TL in violation of the truck owner, and if the truck is connected to a company, a fine of XNUMX Thousand is fine.

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