Channel Istanbul's Soil to Green 3rd Airport

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan Kanal said that 1,5 billion cubic meters of land that will come out of the Istanbul project will be used for greening the land next to the 3rd Airport, which Erdoğan also wants.

Touching on the works of Kanal Istanbul, Minister Arslan said, “The first function of Kanal Istanbul; By reducing the danger on the Bosphorus, it was aimed at Kanal Istanbul. The second function; to make a more comfortable and higher standard living by urban transformation within a certain generation in that region. People in that area will have such a chance. People will have the chance to live in that region with the intelligence of more smart cities. Many tourists from the world come to see the Bosphorus, we will also host many guests who come to see Kanal Istanbul and the reconstruction around Kanal Istanbul. Many alternatives have been studied with Kanal İstanbul, but then it was reduced to 5 routes. After working a lot on 5 routes, we explained one route. Now everyone knows which route it is. ”

Circle of approximately 45 km for the Küçükçekmece, Sazlidere and Durusu route is determined, said that the XIXL cube material will be around 1,5 here, he added. Arslan 3 wants these materials to be used by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Greening the land next to the airport will be used in the work expressed.

Arslan said, “There are pits and marshes originating from the coal mines located on the side of the 3rd Airport, we aim to evaluate some of this material by filling it and greening it. This was something that our President wanted so much. A soil suitable for agriculture will be found in the upper layer, and we will ship it for use in agricultural lands. However, we are talking about a very large land and a great excavation. Apart from this, rock and rubble will come out. With these, we aimed to create islands. We will create islands on the Marmara Sea, that is, on the side of Küçükçekmece. Those islands will also become a center of attraction. We are sure that many tourists will arrive at the end of the day. They will come to see the islands that were built later, and they will come to see the habitats on those islands. ”

Arslan said that a fill would be made on the Black Sea side with the material that was made. We expect at least two islands in the first place. In addition to this, we are planning to flood the free zone logistics center by filling the material from the Black Sea side so that the cargoes brought by the ships coming from the Black Sea can be handled before entering the Canal Istanbul and a logistics center area will be used by taking advantage of the airport in that region. Part of it can pass through the channel by ships, some by rail system to the European direction or vice versa. Some of them may be suitable for air transport. We will also make a fill on the Black Sea side by evaluating the resulting material, Çıkan he said.



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