Minister Arslan: 40 percent of our country's population met with YHT

arslan gnomes
arslan gnomes

Minister Arslan: 40 percent of our country's population met with YHT: The 10th Transist International Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair was held on 02-04 November 2017.

10 with the participation of Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Transist International Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair opening ceremony, our country and the international sector in the transport sector managers / organizations serving in the university, local government, non-governmental organizations, maritime, road, rail and rail system transportation products supply / service company representatives She attended.

“It is very important to talk about public transportation in Istanbul, which crosses two continents by sea”

In his opening speech, UDH Minister Ahmet Arslan emphasized that it is very important to have a program that discusses public transportation in Istanbul, which is the only city in the world that connects two continents and which is the only city in the world to cross the sea. very important. However, it is more important not to talk and leave it there. I wish success to our Metropolitan Mayor, thank you, congratulate. We need to update the work, how much of what you have been able to do, how much of your plans serve tomorrow, it is important to talk about. It is very important to discuss this issue with the institutions, private sector and universities which are the stakeholders of this business. ”

Sağlamak It is very important to ensure the integration between the transportation modes ”

Arslan also said, “If you live in Istanbul, if you are growing in Istanbul, transportation is a part of your life. I came to Istanbul in 1977. Unfortunately, we were having huge problems from time to time. It was very important to find solutions to the transportation problems of Istanbul and to provide solutions by integrating transportation types. As someone who has these problems and is a stakeholder in their solution, I say; If you are solving the public transportation problem of a city like Istanbul, you can find solutions all over the world. As a result we get from Istanbul experience by living and knowing the importance of ensuring integration between transport modes we get from Istanbul is Turkey's transport and communications solutions to the universities producing again, and we cooperate with the private sector side. When we take this responsibility, we said that under the auspices of our President, our Prime Minister, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, under the leadership of our Prime Minister, Mr. Binali Yıldırım, we should make a plan, we should set goals and ensure the integration of transportation types while walking to these goals.

What have we done that day in Turkey today? First of all, we have determined “Transport Master Plan Strategy”. We worked with many public institutions / organizations and many university teachers. We have set our future goals. We brought them to the planning stage. How should transportation access be in cities with the 10th Transportation Council, how should transportation access be in our country, how should these be integrated with the transportation corridors in the world? We put them on the table. With the planned work, we have taken a great distance in all types of transportation. " said.

Yüzde 40 of our country's population met YHT ”

Fate of almost abandoned railways, underlining that they reinstate government policy since 2003 Arslan, the average 1950 km long railway is done annually until xnumx'y, 134-1950 years include the following noting that this figure 2003 kms fall, said: "Turkey is today the world 18 . 8 of Europe. is a high speed train operator country. We introduced Ankara, Konya, Eskisehir, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Bursa, Bilecik and Istanbul, where 6 percent of our country's population lives by high speed train. Not only that, we've renewed the 40 thousand kilometers of the abandoned 11 thousand-kilometer railway network. We raised the standards. We have increased the signal and electrical line length by more than twice. ”

“4 has built more than a thousand km of new railway line and 5 has built a thousand km of new railway line et

Currently, 2000 kilometer high speed, 1300 kilometer speed and 700 kilometers of conventional lines, including more than 4 thousand kilometers of new railway line construction work is ongoing and 5 thousand kilometers of new railway line survey studies are ongoing Arslan, entegre Other transport types However, the railway connection of these railway lines to ports, organized industrial zones, large factories and large load centers is very important. In order to move from transportation to logistics, we are building logistics centers within the framework of the Master Logistics Master Plan ”and we will have the opportunity to increase the load amount to 2.5. Currently, 8 is in operation. 9. We are opening our Logistics Center in Erzurum. Construction work continues at 5 location including Kars, Konya. Proje The project studies are continuing for 21. ”

“The missing link of the Middle Corridor was completed with BTK”

30 In October, Arslan gave information about the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, which was opened in 2017 and successfully reached the first train to Mersin. He continued his speech as follows: ”BTK railway line is a part of the Kor Middle is a complementary project. Pride for us is a pride for our country. It is a very important project that we present to the world. Hopefully, auspicious for our country, region and humanity. Because we have completed the missing link of a very important chain. What chain? The strength of that chain is equal to its weakest link. Moreover, there was no ring. The chain had no power… The chain strengthened. We've completed the missing ring. Thanks to our belief in rail system and railroad, we built this railroad. ”

Geb Both sides of Gebze HalkalıWe will integrate '

Arslan pointed out that the works of bringing suburban systems on both sides of Istanbul to subway standards continue in day and night as integrated with other rail systems in Marmaray quality, Ars We will finish the whole system before the end of 2018. Both sides of Gebze HalkalıWe will integrate up to each other and will serve the people of Istanbul. ular

“YHTs will go to Haydarpaşa, European side”

Emphasizing that a third line was built next to the metro line, Arslan said, yüksek High-speed trains departing from Ankara, Sivas and Konya can pass to Haydarpaşa or to the European side using Marmaray. Again, during the hours of passenger transport, freight trains departing from Kazakhstan from China to Kazakhstan can go to Europe with Marmaray. Thus, it will serve both intra-city and intercity and international transportation. Uluslararası

Arslan stated that projects are being carried out in order to integrate transportation systems in many cities besides Istanbul and solutions are produced as a solution partner.

Arslan pointed out that the fair will provide benefits for localization and nationalization and wished that the congress and fair would be auspicious.

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın He also gave information about the investments of the General Directorate and the liberalization process of railway transportation.

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