A Logistics Base in European Standards in Ankara

Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) Chairman Gürsel Baran visited the Ankara Logistics Base and made reviews. Ankara Bar Logistics Base sample, indicating that the project "will provide logistics services in Turkey with modern facilities in Ankara that moves the world."

Ankara Logistics Base Chairman Erhan Gündüz and ATO Vice President Mustafa Deryal, Board Members Vecdet Fehmi Şendil and Ülkü Karakuş accompanied ATO President Baran, who went to Ankara Logistics Base upon the invitation of the members of the board of directors. During the visit, where Erhan Gündüz, Chairman of the Board of the Ankara Logistics Base, gave detailed information about the base, Baran and his accompanying delegation made investigations at the top and at the Ankara Domestic Shipping and Logistics Center located within this base.


Ankara Logistics Base in Turkey's daytime President indicating that the first international transport base by European standards, the top is established on 700 thousand square meters, with transport from Ankara Domestic Shipping and Logistics Center, about 400 companies and 2 thousand 500 employees He explained that the daily vehicle density reached 200 thousand. Gündüz said, “We want to integrate Ankara Logistics Base with rail and airline, we are working in this direction.” Touching on the place of logistics in foreign trade, Gündüz said that the contribution of logistics to Ankara exports is 20 percent.


ATO Chairman Baran also where his as a location of Turkey, speaking Middle East, recalling that the Turkish Republic and a bridge between Europe, "Turkey Balkans, the Middle East, the Caucasus and economically in the Eastern Mediterranean and demographic center of the bridge that connect to each other. Ankara is the midpoint of this bridge. ”

Underlining that the logistics sector plays a key role in foreign trade, Baran said:

"Turkey in order to reach the 2023 targets should better assess the geographical advantages in terms of logistics industry. Ankara, Turkey's modern logistics and the middle and has a fully equipped facility. The number of people that our city can reach around by geography is 2 billion, and the total gross national product of these countries is 23 trillion dollars. The logistics sector is now defined as a strategic sector in growth. Turkey's especially physical infrastructure using the advantages Logistics Base in Ankara on Ankara's geographical advantage disposable huge success. Turkey will provide logistics services with the modern facilities in Ankara that moves the world. "



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