70 New Bus is at the Service of Samsun People

Mayor Ziya Yılmaz, who spoke at the ceremony of the commissioning of new buses to be used in transportation services by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, said: ulaşım We come and go. But our services will remain. Ama He said.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ A.Ş. 70 units purchased for use on new ring and Expres lines were delivered by new bus ceremony.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz spoke at the ceremony held in the bus collection area in Tekkeköy and stated that they are the servants of the people of Samsun as administrators. “We offer these tools to the public. We work for our people. These new tools are not the property of our father, it is not my property. These buses are in the service of our old aunt who is in Tekkeköy, the villager. We're goin '. But our services will remain intact. Ler He said.


Also speaking to the drivers who will use the vehicles, Yilmaz; “Never forget that you are in the service of our citizens. Don't worry about our citizens. Fulfill your duty with pleasure. You won't say I'm the driver of the municipality. You're going to look at the idea that I'm the driver of your aunt who lives. I have never and never showed the attitude of the people of Samsun. Don't you do that. You just do your job properly, in the evening when you go home in a peaceful way. Siz

After the speeches, a symbolic bus key was given by the supplier company to Yılmaz. Mayor Yilmaz then behind the wheel of one of the new buses used for a while.

Chairman of the ceremony, as well as Deputy Chairman Turan Cakir AK, Deputy Chairman of the AK BartiMeclis Nihat Soguk, Secretary General Coshkun Oncel, Deputy Secretary Zennube Albayrak Gwnel, Deputy Director General of SASKI Kamil Ozdemir, SAMULAS General Manager Kadir Gurkan, company directors, heads of departments officials and employees of the supplier company participated.


Meanwhile, SAMULAŞ A.Ş. 13 by 4, which will be launched as of November, the new Expres and ring routes are as follows;

1) R28 - Gar Tram Station - Hospitals - Duruşehir Ring Line

2) R22 - 19 May Tram Station - Organized Industrial Zone Ring Line

3) E4 Express Grand Mosque - Cumhuriyet Square - Kılıçdede - Duruşehir - Research Hospital Line

4) E5 Express OMÜ - Cumhuriyet Square - Research Hospital-Bus Station Line



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