MOTAŞ ready for new education

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Services (MOTAŞ), within the scope of preparations for the upcoming new academic year in the new period to avoid disruptions, students have taken some measures to avoid problems in transportation. Re-arranging the flight intervals of the lines where the density will be experienced, additional flights and reinforcement vehicles will be given to the regions deemed necessary.

Amb Trambus Expedition 6 Comes Down in Minutes ”

MOTAS'tan on the subject of the measures within the scope of the intensity of the lines will be rearranged the range of flights required additional regions and reinforcements were reported to be required.

In the statement, especially the most intense line of Malatya, which runs the new trambuses in the new period, the new trambuses to the MAŞTİ-University line was given information that the rearranged flights.

In the statement made on the subject, it is stated that the travel intervals will be reduced from 8 minutes to 6 minutes; Tr With the 12 vehicle, the trambus system, which started next time in 2015, was further reinforced in 2016 and 2017. During the 10-2017 education period, the new line will be serviced with the 2018 trambus. Previous years, 22 trambus with 12 minute intervals, while the new training period with the 8 vehicle service intervals will be reduced to 20 minutes. The flights will be reviewed when deemed necessary in line with the passenger density and future demands.

In addition, efforts are underway in order to finish the distance traveled between MAŞTI-University in the fastest way. The engineers are working with Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department officials. Some intersections of the trambuses are being planned so that they can transit in a way that does not hinder traffic flow. When the developed project is implemented, the distance between MASTI-University will be covered more quickly. This will enable the passengers to save time ”.

Günceleme: 19/12/2018 16:04

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