Occupational safety, first aid and fire drill in EGO

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate personnel were given job security, first aid and fire training for bus fires and extinguishing methods and what should be done during sabotage and arson.

Metropolitan Municipality Occupational Safety specialists, EGO 3. Under the heading of ”Personnel Emergency Education Bölge, legislation is provided to regional personnel; responsibilities of the employer and the employee; communication in emergency situations such as fire, earthquake, flood, flood, storm, lightning strike, explosion; emergency organization; gave theoretical and practical information about the training of emergency teams.

EGO (A) Occupational Safety Specialist Didem Taylan explained to the staff the causes of bus fires, fire extinguishing systems and devices, what the driver did after he realized the fire, how to control it, the first intervention in the fire and the evacuation points in the bus in case of an emergency.

Taylan, sabotage and arson warnings about the need to be careful, said the 2016 year, because of terrorist events, as a whole country, said it was an important year for EGO. Taylan, who reminded of PKK terrorists attacking a bus stop in Güvenpark last year, said that the EGO driver named Necati Yılmaz in the explosion successfully managed the moment of crisis and showed very good behavior in terms of the security of his own vehicle and those in the environment.

After the theoretical training, EGO staff participated in fire fighting and first aid training.

Doctor of Emergency Medicine training staff Cengiz Girek stated that work safety, fire and first aid trainings would be necessary in every moment of life.



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