İZBAN Greas Cross the Patience of İzmir

izban strike carries patience
izban strike carries patience

Full of 19 for days on the road suffering from transportation of the people of Izmir to the understanding of İZBAN strike expires. Passengers traveling in subway and busses, full of traffic and stuck in minutes, reacted to the parties by saying,

The strike that started when an agreement could not be reached in collective bargaining negotiations in İZBAN, entered its 19th day today, while Izmir residents again suffered on the roads. Patients with overflowing patience called on the parties to “agree now”.


During the İZBAN strike, the employer withdrew his average 26 percent hike proposal after the Railway-Labor Union's decision to continue the strike. İZBAN A.Ş, in its statement on its website, claims that the net wage that the machinist will include, including all rights, will exceed 4 thousand liras per month. "The technician would be 2010 thousand 4 pounds, technician 152 thousand 4 pounds, the station operator's 136 thousand 3 pounds, the box office's 988 thousand 3 pounds, and office personnel 820 thousand 3 pounds."


Reacting to the BAN's withdrawal of its offer, the workers who were organized in the İzmir Branch of the Railway-İş Union, played saz at the union representative in Alsancak Station and sang the song. Ahmet Güler, the Chief Representative of Demir-Yol İş Union, said, "If the workers will withdraw from the cash machine every month, we will sign a contract under 150 liras."


Hüseyin Ervüz, Head of the Izmir-İş İzmir Branch, said, “According to the statement, either our union and the workers do not know how to calculate or we are all crazy. If İZBAN gives the net revenues announced, this strike will not be extended for another 5 minutes. ”

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