Edirne - Istanbul High Speed ​​Line Tender at the New Year

At the Edirne Provincial General Assembly's September meeting, it was stated that a tender will be held for the High Speed ​​Train Line, which has been on the agenda for a long time, between Edirne and Istanbul.

In the report given in the report of the European Union and Foreign Relations Committee, Halkalı to connect with the Edirne line and a new route will go to the high-speed 200 hour 1 hour per hour, 35 hour, said it will move in time.

The 2 session of the Provincial Assembly of September Meetings was continued by reading the commission reports. The Commission on Civil Defense and Natural Disasters and the European Union and Foreign Relations Commission reports.

In the report submitted by the Civil Defense and Natural Disasters Commission on the damage of hail rains that almost destroyed Marmara and Thrace last month, it was stated that 15 decares of canola, wheat and pear cultivated in 14 villages in Lalapaşa were damaged. The report also stated that there was no harm in animals.
On the other hand, another remarkable report in the parliament is that it has been on the agenda for a long time in Edirne. Halkalı - Edirne became a high-speed train project. In the report announced by the European Union and Foreign Relations Commission, it was stated that the project tender will be held by the New Year.

In the report read by the head of the commission Özcan Soyupak; “During our research, the high-speed train project, which can be considered as good news for our city, is about to begin, Halkalı - We learned that the line between Edirne was included in the program.

Soyupak expressing that the high-speed train will be the 200 hour 1 hour travel time with 35 km per hour; Indan From the beginning of the year Halkalı - Çerkezköy with line Çerkezköy-Kapıkule high speed train line auctions are taking place. The new high-speed train line will be built on a completely new route, the travel speed is 200 km, and the travel time is determined as 1 hours 35 minutes. 3 will be put into service after testing for at least 6 years. U

Source : the hudutgazete

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