Istanbul Street Nostalgic Tram Line 2 Will Be Opened in Month

The construction of the tram project on Istanbul Street, which has been pedestrianized by Düzce Municipality, will be opened in the month of 2.

The city center, initiated by Düzce Municipality, has come to an end in the second stage of the pedestrianization project. Kadir Badur, Deputy Director of Transportation, and Bekir Güley, Project Coordinator, were present at the Tramway Project on Istanbul Street. The system is solar-powered and environmentally friendly.

Deputy Mayor of Düzce Kadir Badur said: u There will be three stops at the point where Düzce Municipality and the bus station are located. The whole production is expected to be built at the moment the station is finished. Detail of the tram line laying works, 80 is over, i he said.

Project Coordinator Bekir Güley said in his statement: ada Our rail system is finished, it is at the stage of serving. There is only one landscaping left. And I think the municipality's work will be over in a week. As soon as we start our tram. We have finished our infrastructure works. Everybody's asking me if he's going to the hospital. If we have made a comprehensive infrastructure here we can of course extend the line. This is where we call the station stop. It is a solar-powered and generator-powered line that can recharge itself. In this system we do not use overhead power lines. In this hangar the batteries will be the gathering area of ​​the charge until morning. Required equipment will be the control area, Gerekli he said.

Kadir Badur Vice President Kadir Badur continued to conduct field surveys.

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