Park at Ispark with Istanbulkart

Istanbulkart, which is used by public transport vehicles every day, has also been used in İSPARK car parks.

A new one has been added to the works carried out by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the Smart City vision. Istanbulkart, which 20 million citizens use every day in public transportation vehicles, is now being used in ISPARK parking lots. Mayor Kadir Topbaş requested fast service to citizens by using İstanbulkart in Ispark parking lots.

With the new app, citizens who use İSPARK car parks from Monday will make payments more quickly and easily with İSTANBULKART.

Istanbulkart car park payment feature, thanks to the citizens who parked their car will not have to use cash. Car park payments will provide convenience and speed thanks to the system used in both over-the-road car parks and indoor parking lots.

Smart card of smart city

Finance and technology are among the most important elements required for smart urbanization. Electronic money card feature on istanbulkart so that citizens can make all their payments quickly and contactlessly without carrying cash or waiting for change. kazanyelled. Efforts to expand the usage areas of istanbulkart, which can be used not only in transportation but also in many different payment sectors, continue.
To use the system which is valid at 610 point in the open and closed car parks in Istanbul, it is enough to have Istanbulkart.

If the citizens want to see the details of the payment information after paying, they will be able to see where they pay, the remaining balances and the card movements by making a membership at the '' website.

How is the parking lot paid by İstanbulkart?

Payment in Parking Garages
When you leave the car park when you come to the box office to pay the attendant with the Istanbulkart will be enough to say you want to do. The attendant will collect your Istanbul card by reading the POS device.

Payment by Automatic Payment Points
You can easily pay with directives on the device after you choose istanbulkart from the payment options in Automatic Payment Machines.

On-Road Parking Payment
Please indicate that you would like to pay to the attendant who came to you during the payment stage with istanbulkart. After selecting the Istanbulkart option from the handheld terminal, the attendant reads your istanbulkart at the hand terminal and the payment process is completed.

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