Antalya Metro To Be Performed After 2019

Antalya Tram Map
Antalya Tram Map

The metro project of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, which is planned to be brought to the city transportation, is after 2019. Mayor Menderes Türel said that the Antalya Metro will be presented as a promise in the 2019 elections.

With the metro project to be implemented in Antalya and the rail system, the third phase of which will be completed, the city will be built with 360-degree iron networks. Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel said that the modern public transportation system is a rail system and they are working to strengthen it in Antalya. Reminding that he completed the first phase of the rail system in Antalya under the mayor of the first term, Türel stated that the second phase covering the Meydan-EXPO 2016 line was also completed in this period.


Türel, who noted that the third stage rail system project planned between Varsak and Meltem has been opened to the ministers' signature at the High Planning Board these days, said, “When this is over, we will try to raise it until the end of our duty period. Thus, the rail system in Antalya will have created a 360-degree ring, ”he said. Stating that the third stage rail system is planned as 'street tram', but some parts of it will be underground, Türel said, “We have an intention to dig in the end of this year”.


Türel stated that the transportation master plan for the rail system in the city was prepared and presented to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, and said: “We were presented with scientific studies that the fourth stage should be the metro in the rail system. The plan was also accepted and approved by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Therefore, the next step Antalya will take with public transportation will be about the metro. ”


Stating that the route and even the transportation master plan on the subway line have been finalized, Mayor Türel said, “The metro line starting from the big port in Konyaaltı turns into a fork like a 'Y' where the Metropolitan Municipality is located, a branch from Kepez direction to Varsak. will continue, and one arm will extend from here towards Muratpaşa. In the next period, we hope to provide an integrated system to support our current rail system network in Antalya, from Antalya Port to Lara, Kundu and Kepez to Varsak, if necessary. ”


Expressing that the ground of Antalya is not suitable for the metro, President Türel said that the ground of Antalya is not suitable for the metro compared to 50 years ago. Today, with the developing technology in the world, let the metro become mountains. In addition, the street tram and the subway became available at a cost per head. Our target in Antalya after 2019 is the metro. ”

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