The Hunger Limit was a Thousand 713 Lira

Officer-Sen held regularly every month "by the hunger-poverty" research, people's hunger threshold for a family 4 1.713,7 TL in Turkey, the poverty line was set at £ 4.801,17.

Officer-Sen According to the hunger-poverty research conducted regularly every month by the Confederation of 4 a family in Turkey in July 1.713,7 £ hunger threshold, the poverty line was determined as per 4.801,17. According to the survey, food prices increased by 0,33 on average in July compared to June. The largest increases in July were pointed peppers with an increase of 43,93, peppers with an increase of 40,83, peppers with an increase of 12,15 percent, and fresh beans with a rise of 11,97 percent. the most noticeable declines were the watermelon with the decrease of 39,66, the plums with the decrease of 28,01, the peaches with the decrease of 23,15, the potatoes with the decrease of 12,61 and the decrease of 12,49 and the prices of apricot with the decrease of XNUMX.

The price of the Enlightenment item did not change in July compared to June.

Prices of Clothing and Clothing Declined

In July compared to June, clothing prices decreased by a year-on-year decrease of 2,09. The most noticeable changes in apparel prices compared to June were blend fabrics with an increase of 1,59, and the price of shoes repair with an increase of 1,43. In addition, clothing prices decreased by 7,67 in women's clothing compared to June, women's jackets with 7,51 decrease, 6,34 decrease in clothes, 6,11 decrease in women's clothing.

Compared to June, the average price of warming material decreased by 0,05 in July; In July, there was an increase of average 0,99 on housing prices compared to June.

Increase in Communication and Training Prices
The average change in communication item prices in July compared to June was reflected as an increase of 11,62. It was observed that the most noticeable change in communication item prices was the price of PTT parcel sending with an increase of 86,67. However, communication prices did not show any decrease compared to June.

Education-culture prices increased by 1,96. In the prices of education and culture, it was observed that the change in the prices of computer-aided prices by the increase of 46,8 in domestic and one-week tours and by the increase of 4,73 in 1,31. In addition, the prices of educational-culture items decreased by 0,98 percent of tablets, XNUMX decrease in the game console item prices were found to decrease.

Personal cleaning and maintenance item prices increased by an increase of 1,27. The most noticeable change in personal cleaning and maintenance item prices compared to June was electric hair care tools with an increase of 3,01 by 2,81. However, prices of personal cleaning and maintenance items decreased by 1,06 by June, and the price of toilet paper decreased.

Prices of Health and Transportation Prices Increased
In July, the average change in healthcare prices was seen as an increase of 0,63 compared to June, while the most noticeable change was XYUMX. On the other hand, prices of medicinal products decreased by a decrease of 3,18 in June compared to June.

An increase of 10 percent in transportation material prices was determined to be 1,78. According to June, the most noticeable changes were the city lines with the increase of 16,2 and the city lines with the increase of 5,53. On the other hand, transportation prices fell by a decrease of 2,24 and a decrease in the price of LPG filling.

Environmental and water prices increased by 0,78. It was observed that the most noticeable changes in environmental and water prices compared to June were in the price of sanitary equipment (tap) with an increase of 1,28.

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