Cumhuriyet District and Ertugrul Neighborhood are waiting to meet

The planned opening of the pedestrian overpass, which will connect the Cumhuriyet Quarter and Ertuğrul Neighborhood, to one of them is the 2 week. The authorities continue their uninterrupted efforts to train them to the planned date. In general, the workload has been completed and the elevator has begun

Since the months of the neighborhood expected to be connected to the Cumhuriyet Quarter and Ertuğrul Mahallesi'nin pedestrian overpass began to approach the happy ending. After the announcement of the expansion of construction in recent months, it was announced that a new date will be held in 17 of August. After the connection on the 2 foot in the deferred million investment, the process started to operate fast.


With the completion of the stairs, the façade came up to the elevator on the overpass. Will there be a lift that has been the subject of curiosity since the day it was started? Will it not? The claims have resulted. The workers began building the elevator to the crossroads, which would connect the 2 neighborhood. Will the elevator malfunctions that become one of the common problems of the district population break out in this pedestrian overpass? Questions are spoken among citizens.


After the İZBAN line, the level crossing linking Ertuğrul Mahallesi and Cumhuriyet District was close to 3. However, pedestrian and vehicle traffic between two neighborhoods were lost. 3 2 will meet the pedestrian overpass which will be solved for the Torbali people who are waiting for the project to be completed at least for the year.


17 The work on the pedestrian overpass, which is expected to open in August, continues quickly. The stones will be laid on the stairs with the elevator being well placed. With the completion of the finishing touches, a bridge will be opened between the 2 neighborhood which has been waiting to meet one for years.

Source: Yasin TEKİN - Torbaliege

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