Minister Elvan announced the Konya-Karaman YHT line

Minister Elvan's Konya-Karaman YHT line description: 2. Development Minister Lütfi Elvan, who came to our province to attend the International Kızkalesi Tourism Festival and make a series of visits, paid a visit to Governor Ali İhsan Su for the best.

Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Hüseyin Kanat, the Coast Guard Mediterranean Region Commander Colonel Fatih Erhan and the Provincial Police Director Mehmet Şahne were present.

Governor Ali İhsan Su and the provincial protocol in front of the service building in the Governor's Office of Development Minister Elvan, Governor's Office Honor Book was signed.

The Minister of Development, who started his speech with the wish of Governor of Mersin Province as the wish of good and auspicious duty of Governor of Mersin, thanked Governor Özdemir Çakacak, who was appointed as the Governor of Eskişehir, for his hard work and efforts in the development and development of our country.

Minister Elvan said that Governor Ali İhsan Su would work together to further improve the peace and peace in our city and what could be done for further development and development of our city. Minister Elvan expressed his belief that Governor Su will make intense efforts and efforts in this direction. brought.

Minister Elvan; ”We want to remove the issue of drugs from the agenda of our Mersin“

Mr. Lütfi Elvan continued his words by stating that they will act with the determination and determination to use the potential of our country until the last point, and he emphasized that what is needed to remove the drug issue, which has been hit in Mersin, recently. Elvan said they received positive feedback from our citizens on the issue of drugs, thanked our security forces who have achieved great success in this regard.

Minister Elvan; ”Our Investments Are Continuing Rapidly“

In his speech, Mr. Elvan said, ers We go to a construction site regardless of which district we go to. We will do our best to make all these investments speedy and we will be close followers. Daha As he stated at every opportunity after using the expressions, he underlined once again that Mersin has great potential and our city is not in a deserved position.

Mr. Elvan said that Mersin is a bit below the average before the investment in education and that the project is close to 60.

Noting that Mersin is also an agricultural city, the Minister of Development said that the shortcomings encountered in the irrigation sector have been eliminated and that the elimination was continued and that the construction of large dams and ponds was started in order to solve this issue radically and that they were close followers of these investments.

Stating that there are some problems especially in reaching the Mediterranean Sea from the Taurus Mountains, Minister Elvan said that they wish to overcome the shortcomings here, but that the problems which must be solved by the local administrations first have to be solved.

Elvan noted that the projects related to the transportation infrastructure and highway connections were continued rapidly and that the studies of the High Speed ​​train continued and the road connecting Erdemli to Karaman was started and that the improvement works related to the road connecting to Mut'u Karaman via the Sertavul Passage. announced completion.

He added that the works carried out on Çamtepe Junction were continuing and that the intersection was planned to be opened in the middle of next year.

The path of the eye at the Cemetery Junction of the Regional Directorate of Highways work on the 2 pieces that provide information that the Minister Lütfi Elvan, as soon as the work done by the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Highways Directorate of Highways underline that the final arrangements will be made. Elvan also announced that our citizens will be able to travel to the city without waiting in the traffic lights, and many subway crossings to ensure that they travel more easily.

Minister Elvan; ”We want to bring Mersin together with the high speed train“

Referring to the High Speed ​​Train activities, Minister Elvan said, “The infrastructure works between Konya and Karaman are over. We will finalize this section of the line by completing the final electrical and signaling operations in 2018. We started an intensive work in the high speed train line from Karaman to Mersin. Currently Ulukışla-Karaman continues to work. We aim to bring Mersin to the train as soon as possible kısa.

Minister Elvan; ”Mersin has Great Advantages for Investors“

Minister Lütfi Elvan also gave information that the works related to the expansion of the Organized Industrial Zone were completed. Or Many investors want to invest in Mersin. However, there were some problems with space allocation. I would like to express that a suitable environment has been created for our investors together with the 100 hectare area gained through the expansion work at the OIZ. Mersin has a huge advantage compared to other provinces. With the international port it has, it is possible to export the products without serious shipping costs. In order to utilize this great advantage, we will provide the necessary support to our investors who apply to the Organized Industrial Zone management. ”

Minister Lutfi Elvan, who continued his speech by giving information that the establishment of Mut Organized Industrial Zone was completed; Gesi Mut OSB will be completed quickly with the support of our government and our Government and we will bring an Organized Industrial Zone to the Mut district with high potential il.

Lastly, Minister Elvan made statements about small industrial sites. In the districts such as Erdemli and Silifke, it was noted that there was a need for industrial structures with the characteristics of the Small Industrial Site and the Organized Industrial Zone. said the studies carried out.

Minister of Development Lütfi Elvan concluded his speech by expressing his belief that all projects to be carried out and carried out for the further development and development of Mersin will be followed closely by Governor Ali İhsan Su.

Governor Water; ”While carrying out our mission, we will act with the notion of 'Let the State Live the Human Devlet

Governor Ali İhsan Su expressed his satisfaction over the visit of Minister Elvan and stated in his speech that the Governor of Mersin, who took over last week, will make a great effort to maintain and protect the peace and security of our citizens.

Starting with his mention that Mersin is one of the most important cities with great potential in every area, Governor Su expressed his belief that this potential will be mobilized at the highest level with the contributions of all the dynamics of the city, especially the support of Minister Elvan.

Ali Ihsan Su, the words of the Governor, 'Let the State Live the State' word to them by adopting the motto, citizens will serve with a priority approach ended the expression.

The visit was attended by Minister of Development Lütfi Elvan with Governor Ali İhsan Su for a while. sohbet and ended after exchanging views.



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