Transportation Officer-Sen and TCDD 2017 Year First Institution Administrative Board Meeting

Transportation Officer-Sen and TCDD 2017 Year First Institution Administrative Board Meeting: Transport Officer-Sen and TCDD General Directorate The first company administrative board meeting of 14.06.2017 was held on 2017.

TCDD Deputy Director General İsmail Murtazaoğlu meeting under the presidency of Transportation Officer-Sen General Chairman Can Cankesen, Vice Chairman Ibrahim Uslu, Kenan Caliskan and General Directorate of TCDD Head of Department attended. During the meeting, 33 article was discussed.

1- Appointment of the appropriate titles to the least affected by the personnel falling from health group,

  • The personnel who had been reduced due to a medical examination in our organization were given the title of gr Teller Officer ülen. This application has ended. In the next period, the application of assigning the personnel to equivalent titles will be ensured in accordance with the legislation.

2- To start the construction of the overpass to be made to Ülkü to complete the preparations of the tender for the safe passage of the personnel and civilian citizens.

    1. In his article 26.01.2017 Date and 43414 of the Regional Directorate;

The projects of the pedestrian overpass to be constructed in Ülkü were prepared and an appropriation was requested for the construction. The construction of the overpass will be started as soon as the allowance is deducted.

3- Providing security personnel for the prevention of possible security weaknesses under the specified staff, repair of defective security cameras and appointment of civil servants at the request of the security officers who exceed the age of 45,

  • 17.01.2017 date and 32965 article of Support Services Department;

Within the scope of Marmaray Project, Pendik-Gebze, Kapıkule Gar and Customs Field, Eskişehir YHT Station, Hasanbey Logistics Village, Kars Station, Genç Gar, Malatya Station, Kurtalan Gar, Adana Gar, Başpınar Gar, Ereğli Gar, Osmaniye Gar, Konya YHT Station, Tarsus Gar, Yenice Gar, Izmir port and Vangölü Ferry Directorate have completed the procurement of services and started to work in some workplaces;

In some places, it is stated that service procurement and personnel procurement activities are continuing, and it is reported that 29.04.2015 date and 31067 General Directorate Order has been published and followed in order to repair the security cameras.

4- Izmir and including; Opening electronic transfer by taking into account personnel transfer requests throughout the entire organization,

  • Electronic transmission is opened in accordance with the needs of our company. There is no possibility of transfer of port personnel to other establishments other than ports.

5- Providing tour compensation for road maintenance repair managers. To ensure that road inspectors receive compensation for the tour by filling the 5545 model instead of the expenses such as Facility Surveillance, (Head of Accounting and Finance Department)

  • The regulation requires amendments. The process will continue to be followed for the necessary studies.

6- Providing work clothes in protective and suitable body for road personnel and other field and train personnel,

  • The Company has been ordered to take the Personal Protective Equipment by the Regional and Regional Directorates. The required process will be carried out as soon as possible.

7- Assignment to the principal positions in all positions of chiefs and directors, such as Road Maintenance Repair Chief, Wagon Service Chief, Warehouse Chief of Logistics Chief,

  • The subject will be evaluated and examinations will be made after the publication of the Regulation on Promotion of the New Position and Title Change.

8- Clearance of the personnel shortage in the areas such as Motion Officer, Wagon Technician, Facility Surgeon, Logistics Officer, Road Surveyor, Train Organizer,

  • The Action Officer's shortage in our organization is fixed by the Acting Officer with the title change of incumbent Train Authorities. Work is carried out in order to assign the personnel to the Company in other titles that are deemed to be required by the names assigned to the appointment authority in the 2017 year.

Taking into account the newly established or closed workplaces of the 9- TCDD Public Housing Directive and the revoked titles (together with the Authorized Union), making legislative amendments, increasing the quota of employees with disabilities in the allocation of lodgings. Reduction of the number of places allocated for the task allocation, increasing the number of allocated places,

  • 17.01.2017 date and 32965 article of Support Services Department;

After the restructuring, according to the newly formed organizational structure and job descriptions, TCDD Public Housing Directive amendments started.

In order to contribute to the works from the Regions before the amendment studies were made, suggestions were taken in 07.02.2016 dated and 101083;

It is reported that these recommendations and officially submitted trade union proposals will be evaluated in the amendments to the Directive.

In the proposals of the regions, it is stated that there are quota requests for the allocation of housing to disabled staff and the subject will be examined in detail.

10- Traffic Inspection and Coordination, Gar, Loko Maintenance, Warehouse and Road Maintenance and Maintenance Directorates and Road Maintenance and Repair Chiefs,

  • The subject will be evaluated in the work of the staff.

11-5. Change of title as line maintenance repair officer of road and gate control officers working in regional directorate establishments,

  • Necessary studies will be carried out.

12- Washing facilities for train machines in Eskişehir Hasanbey Warehouse Management

  • In the 27.01.2017 Date and 13896 of the Car Maintenance Department;

It is stated that work has begun for the installation of the facility in question.

13- Increasing personnel service and parking capacity in Elazığ Garage and Warehouse Directorates and facilitating the transportation of personnel to the house. Elimination of problems in the local signaling system in Eskişehir, (Head of Traffic and Station Management, Car Maintenance On. (TCDD ST.) 2. Region, 5. Region)

  • In the article 19 / 12 / 2016 Date and 602859 of Railway Modernization Department; It is stated that the problems in the signaling system are eliminated and the maintenance training is renewed. (2016 / 2 Kik Opinion)
    1. In the article 26 / 01 / 2017 Date and 43414 of the Regional Directorate; studies are continuing. (2016 / 2 Kik Opinion)
    1. In the article 25 / 01 / 2017 Date and 42142 of the Regional Directorate; issues related to the issue are stated. (2016 / 2 Kik Opinion)

14- In Bilecik Garage Office, the authorized union is given a representative office on the behalf of Transport Officer-Sen.

    1. In his article 26.01.2017 Date and 43414 of the Regional Directorate;

It will be evaluated if requested.

  • In the 27.01.2017 Date and 13896 of the Car Maintenance Department; TCDD Transportation Inc. for recruitment of personnel. It is stated that a request has been made from the Human Resources Department.

Due to the high-speed train works between 15 and Ankara-Istanbul, there are trains running without signaling system. Since the measures taken so far for the Eskişehir Railway Transit are not sufficient, the determination of the limits of the trams and the position of the trusses for the prevention of the incidents of the reverse cutters,

  • In the article 20.12.2016 History and 604134 of Department of Traffic and Station Management; 8 hand tools used to indicate the position and position of the reflector plate is indicated to start work.

16- If there is no incident in the event of a red signal violation, reverse cutter and sprint violation, 101. Not from 100. to make necessary changes to be processed from

  • The High Discipline Committee evaluates according to the proposal.

17- Opening of the regulations for the promotion and change of title as soon as possible, opening the exams, and ensuring that the TCDD affiliates themselves remove the regulations for the promotion and change of title themselves. (Head of Human Resources Department)

  • Efforts are underway for the publication of the Regulation on Promotion of the New Position and Title Change. (2016 / 2 Kik Opinion)
  • 2017 / 1 JCC Meeting: It was decided to continue the follow-up. A consultation will be provided with the union.
  • Opening of 18-Cer mid-level course to ensure the participation of mechanic and Wagon Technician-Revisers, (Car Maintenance On. (TCDD STONE)

    • In the 27.01.2017 Date and 13896 of the Car Maintenance Department; It is stated that the subject will be planned after TCDD TAŞ.
  • Eryaman side of the new YHT warehouse staff to meet the needs, the mechanic's transportation problem will be solved issues.
  • The warehouse in the district of Marşandiz will be transported to a new warehouse in Etimesgut and the need for fixtures will be solved.

  • 19- Reducing the number of titles by making the title combinations without leading to personnel grievances,

    • Subject will be evaluated within the scope of the staff work.

    20- Establishing the radio dead zones in our network and making the communication healthy.

    • It was decided to carry out the necessary studies.

    21- Restoration of Değirmenözü Logistics and Station building due to structural problems,

      1. In his article 27.12.2016 Date and 61202 of the Regional Directorate;

    After the earthquake analysis and structural analysis in the building in question, it is stated that if necessary, the necessary action will be taken to make the building.

    22- 29216 Island located in Ankara Gar area, CTC building which is registered in 1 parcel is to be earthquake resistant and if this is not possible, the building should be demolished and rebuilt.

    • Necessary studies will be carried out.
  • The 2016 No. Tamim and Manisa-Balıkesir and Şehitlik - Ulukışla lines, which were issued on the December 641 date, have been included in the lines of Electric Train Operations and the payment of Tam Kataner Compensations isa to the personnel working there.
  • It will be provided to the employees in this area as soon as possible.

  • 23-Yahşihan Garage maneuver in the field of station roads are not possible because of the inability to work in the night maneuvers in particular, the risk of work accidents is high and necessary modification,

    • In the article 31.01.2017 Date and 50525 of the Railway Maintenance Department;

    Within the scope of road renewal projects within the scope of road renewal projects included in the investment program of our company, it is stated that Yahşihan Station Road is renewed, and works related to the arrangement of areas between maneuver routes are placed in the field of Real Estate Directorate.

      1. In his article 26.01.2017 Date and 43414 of the Regional Directorate;

    It was stated that the exploration was requested from the Real Estate and Construction Service Directorate and the subject was taken to the investment program of 2017 in order to make the walkways of Yahşihan Garage comfortable and walkable.

    24- The transformation of the service buildings, which are located on the edge of the Küçükçekmece Lake, into a social facility

      1. In his article 26.01.2017 Date and 44443 of the Regional Directorate;

    It is stated that there is no inconvenience to meet the demand and the evaluation will be made according to the future proposals.

    Improvement of 25-TCDD camps by making them more comfortable

    17.01.2017 date and 32965 article of Support Services Department;

    For Arsuz Personnel Training and Recreation Facility, it is stated that a project is prepared for the use of disabled people and the necessary works are continued, and that the camps are being developed in order to increase the comfort level within the scope of existing facilities and legislation.

    26- Elimination of the security vulnerabilities and the grievances experienced by the personnel due to the terrorist incidents on the trains to the east,

    Necessary studies are carried out on this subject, both military and safety.

    27- The condition of being a vocational high school graduate only in the transition to the queen

    • Will be evaluated in the studies on Ascension in Progress and Title Change Regulation.

    28- 3rd Term Collective Agreement kazanNo tax is deducted from the land compensation paid to the Engineers, Technicians and Technicians, and it is paid to the engineers, technicians and technicians who go to the land who have taken the managerial duties,

    • In the letter of the Accounting and Finance Department dated 20.12.2016 and numbered 603648; In the Income Tax Law No. 193, since there is no special provision on this issue, the aforementioned compensation is in the nature of a fee, and it is stated that the income tax should be deducted from the tariff specified in Article 193 of the Income Tax Law No. 103.

    The question will be on the agenda of the Collective Agreement.

    29- 2 personnel in psychotechnical tests. Only at the entrance should re-enter the tests.

    • Psychotechnics is an evaluation system consisting of individuals' cognitive and motor ability tests. Brain Operation is a simultaneous activity structure. Therefore, considering the abilities required by a title, the talent required by any title does not take place individually or individually.

    For example, a mechanic does not perform the task by using 1 clock attention first, then 1 hour reasoning ability and then using only the response speed capability. Amaz Psychotechnics unan is not a test but an assessment of a failed talent at this point.

    This assessment can serve its purpose if the capabilities are measured as a whole. For these reasons, there is no possibility to divide the psychotechnical evaluation.

    30- 3rd Term Collective Agreement kazanThe start of the implementation of the protective food aid, which is our responsibility.

    • From the Protective Food Aid, the staff performing the following tasks will benefit from the benefit of permanent workers.

    Paint jobs everywhere, including open air
    Working with tar and tar-derived materials,
    Ticket Printing and printing companies,
    Battery plate workers,
    4500 m. who work in the long tunnel
    Workers in foundries and forging,
    Workers in the manufacture of small road materials and in the tire and hardening department of Afyon Concrete Travers Factory
    Welding workers in closed areas

    31- Food in Kütahya Due to the fact that there is no distribution place, the problems of the personnel on the train to benefit from the food service are solved.

    • The necessary work will be done by evaluating the need for the subject.

    32- Kütahya Directorate of Protection and Security As a result of the fact that there is not enough room for the renewal of the existing CCTV camera system in the camera monitoring room, it is necessary to transfer the system to the intermediate corridor wall where the appropriate Toll Gates are located.

    • Required work is done.

    33- Personnel are obliged to pay the whole amount of personnel allowance to the hotel and pay additional costs from their pocket. To ensure that agreements are not paid to the hotel in the agreements made with the hotels in the training,

    -The subject will be evaluated by the institution.

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