Does Cengiz Construction pay the high-speed train project?

Cengiz Construction 's debts of the high-speed train project is paying the Treasury: Cumhuriyet newspaper writer Cigdem Toker, the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train project Cengiz Construction's debts are paid by the Treasury, he said. The Treasury's lend SEEs and municipal projects will definitely not be covered by debt ın, reminded Toker. He is paying, 'he said.

The article of Çiğdem Toker published in the Republic with the title "The debt of this nation to Cengiz İnşaat" (30 June 2014) is as follows:
This Nation Cengiz Construction

It is wrong to consider the election of the President independent from the relations of economic power.

President Abdullah Gül, who started to convene slowly from the Mansion, will probably approve two more important laws before he left. One is the Law of Solution, the other is the Bag Law.

The Resolution Act is to be brought to Parliament a day before the holiday, the majority of those who think that 10 is a tactical move towards the votes of Kurdish voters for August. True but incomplete.

Try to evaluate the arrangement with the interview given by the KCK Executive Council member Murat Karayılan to ANF just a few days before this arrangement (18 June):

Tada The process is critical and sensitive. 1-2 becomes clear in the week. At the current stage, if there is one thing in the AKP's pouch, it should take it out, practice it and process it. Otherwise, everyone will walk in their own way. Yoksa

There is no need for a long-lasting explanation that this warning, in the sense of yok walking in its own way uyar, means “the end of conflict“. In summary, this hectic law was not only a pragmatism but a lı fear yas motive.

Back to the subject. How Solutions Act, if shaping the political future of Turkey, President Abdullah Gul will be the second law also contains numerous regulations that will determine the economic future of the country alike confirm. And this is not a positive economic future at all.

One of these items is the Treasury guarantee to be provided for High Speed ​​Train Projects.

The Enthusiast will recall: Two months ago, the Debt Enforcement Regulations issued without using the concept of Treasury guarantee, we decided to take over the loan debts of large infrastructure projects worth over 1 billion TL.

In writing the gravity of the situation, Treasury 29 had to make a statement in April and said zor SEEs and municipal projects will definitely not be covered by debt. Durum

However, TCDD is a SOE. When Gul signs this law, TCDD's high-speed train projects will be indebted to the Treasury.

The first thing that comes to mind is the Ankara-Istanbul route. 29 This important line, which is planned to be opened in October, has been delayed for a long time due to the construction of tunnels around Bilecik, known as UM 26 Tunnel X. It'il be delayed. There have been many reports about the difficulties in the geological structure of the tunnel.

Due to the difficulties of the Bolu Mountain Tunnel, the Ankara-Istanbul motorway could be opened much longer than planned.

This is not the problem.

The problem is we're fooled by the eye. Four years ago, the Minister of Transport Binali Yildirim said pro A penny will not come from the pocket of the state may and Cengiz Construction's debts to be paid by the Treasury.

Even today, the historical Hüseyin Avni Pasha Mansion received from the SDIF is suspiciously burning Cengiz Construction, the kind of debt does not end.

In the same law, dav Even if the cancellation decision is made in privatization cases, the public property sold will not be withdrawn sa.

You will understand Cengiz Construction, this nation, will continue to pay debt for many years. Like a bulldozer on top of established rules. The short life of the statement made by an institution that has to carry its reputation before, such as the Treasury, can be noted as a thin sadness besides the weight of the debt.

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