Konya Bus Timetable Changed! Tram Expeditions Increased

History of trams in Konya
History of trams in Konya

Bus schedule has changed in Konya! Tram services have increased: Konya Metropolitan Municipality announced that the tram has been added to the night services when the bus goes to the arrangement. The statement made by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department is as follows:

“12 June 2017 As of Monday, all bus lines have been re-arranged. New schedules are available from tariff boards and www.konya.bel.t is has been posted on the web.

Again, as of June Monday, 12 will be able to provide a more efficient and efficient transportation service to the Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Sancak Districts of Selçuklu District. Sadık Ahmet Caddesi - Assoc. Dr. Halil Ürün Caddesi was added to Yazır Movement Center.

In addition to Ramadan, night trips were added to the tram and capacity (double tram) was increased.

Konya Tram Line Information

Hat Route Opening Length (km) Number of stops
1 Alaaddin - Selcuk University 1999 36.7 35
2 Alaaddin - Courthouse 2015 4.4 9

Line 1: Alaaddin Selçuk University Tram Stations

  1. T1 Campus Tramway Movement Center I&II
  2.  T2 Kayalar Mosque Station
  3. T3 Bosnia and Herzegovina Stop
  4. T4 Buzlukbaşı Bridge Stop
  5. T5 Firat Street Stop
  6. T6 Piri Reis Station
  7. T7 Starboard Stop
  8. T8 Japanese Park Tram Stop
  9. T9 Print Stop
  10. T10 MTA Station
  11. T11 Apple Hamdi Stop
  12. T12 MEDAŞ Station
  13. T13 Bus Station Tramway Movement Center
  14. T14 Bus Station
  15. T15 Erenkaya Cad. stop
  16. T16 Binkonutlar Stop
  17. T17 Eyup Sultan Station
  18. T18 First Organized Industrial Stop
  19. T19 Technical High School Stop
  20. T20 Sakarya Tram Station
  21. T21 Sehitler Cami Tram Station
  22. T22Lighting Houses Tram Station
  23. T23 Tram Station
  24. T24 Old Industrial Tram Stop
  25. T25 Kunduracilar Tram Station
  26. T26 Kule Tram Station
  27. T27 Nalçacı Tram Station
  28. T28 Municipal Tram Station
  29. T29 Kültürpark Tram Station
  30. T30 Zafer Tram Station
  31. T31 Alaaddin Tram Station
  32. T32 Faculty of Medicine Tram Station
  33. T33 Law Faculty Tram Station
  34. T34 Faculty of Arts and Sciences Tram Station
  35. T35 Faculty of Engineering Tram Station

Hat 2: Adliye Alaaddin Tram Stations

  1. Zafer Tram Station
  2. Alaaddin Tram Station
  3. Government Tram Station
  4. Mevlana Tram Station
  5. Mevlana Culture Center Tram Station
  6. Fetih Caddesi Tram Station
  7. Sports and Convention Center Tram Stop
  8. Karsehir Caddesi Tram Station
  9. Adliye Tram Station

Konya Tram Ticket Prices

Due to the increasing costs due to public transportation expenditure inputs, the UKOME decision regulated the fees to be applied to the hand-held cards used in buses and trams and the contactless banking cards. Accordingly, a discounted fare and a boarding fee 1.55 tbsp, a full board with a boarding fee 2.10 tbsp as determined; Monthly Unlimited Discounted Subscriptions used on average 100 boarding passes Handcrafted 90 TL, Monthly Unlimited Full Subscriptions Handcrafted 135 TL It was.

The prices to be formed according to the new regulation in Konya are as follows:

  • Discount Elkart: 1.55 tbsp
  • Full Elkart: 2.10 tbsp
  • Average 100 used in boarding Monthly Unlimited Discount Subscriber Elkart: 90 TL
  • Monthly Unlimited Full Subscriber Elkart: 135 TL

As per the UKOME decision, in the contactless banking cards of the banks covered by the protocol signed between Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Interbank Card Center (BKM), one thousandth fare 2.10 TL as.



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