Schools Was a Holiday, Work on Konak Tram Line Accelerated

Schools became Holiday, Work on the Konak Tram Line Accelerated:Karşıyaka After completing the tramway, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which gives all its weight to the construction works on the Konak line, takes a big attack when the schools enter the summer holiday. The tram, which will pass through the plane trees on Gazi Boulevard, will proceed on the "green line".

A new process will begin with the summer months in the tram project carried out by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to improve environmental, economic and comfortable transportation. 14 kilometer serving as 8.8 stall Karşıyaka line, which continues the pre-operation voyages free of charge metropolitan, Konak line will carry the construction works to the final stage will accelerate further. It is planned to complete the work in the most challenging areas from the weekend to the end of summer, when schools will enter the summer holidays and the urban traffic will be reduced relatively.

Gazi Boulevard 40 will be crossed in a day
Work has begun on Gazi Boulevard by protecting plane trees on the middle median. Only a young plane tree will be transported within the scope of the works that will be carried out with utmost precision in order not to damage the green tissue. During the works, Necati Bey Boulevard, Halit Ziya Boulevard and Gazi Boulevard crossings of Şehit Fethi Bey Avenue will be temporarily closed to traffic, respectively. The work on Gazi Boulevard is planned to take 40 days. The tram will run on the "green line" in this region.

Last bend in Cumhuriyet Boulevard
Work on Cumhuriyet Boulevard will start on Monday, June 12. Simultaneously with Gazi Boulevard, the works in Konak Pier area will be completed. For the works to continue in the section of Cumhuriyet Boulevard between Gazi Boulevard and Fevzipaşa Boulevard, the said 250-meter section will be temporarily closed in the direction of Alsancak-Konak. Traffic will be given as round trip from the opposite direction. It is aimed to complete the work in this section within 1 month.

Last two stages for the poet Ashraf
After the rail laying works completed between Alsancak Mosque and Montreux Square along Şair Eşref Boulevard, the last two stages will be passed on to Montreux Square. Gazi Boulevard will be reached by working in the direction of Çankaya. During the 9th and 10th stage works to be held in July and August, traffic will be given as round trips from the opposite side.

İZSU will also work
On the other hand, the construction works on Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard will continue on the Ziya Gökalp Boulevard towards Alsancak Station. For this reason, the remaining part of Ziya Gökalp Boulevard between Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard and Vahap Özaltay Square will be closed to 1 for two months. During the studies that will begin in August, 1393, 1434 and 1487 streets and Dr. Mustafa Enver Bey Street, Poet Eşref and Ali Çetinkaya boulevards will be accessible to the region.

Drinking water transmission line displacement works that should be done before the Konak Tramway line production works between the historical Gas Factory and Vahap Özaltay Square are planned to be started with the closure of schools and completed within 1 months.



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