Melih Gökçek Examined Trambus in Malatya

Melih Gökçek Examines the Trambus in Malatya: 6. Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek, who came to Malatya to attend the Book Fair, visited the Trambus Maintenance and Control Center.

Mayor Gökçek, who also traveled to Malatya with Malatya Metropolitan Mayor, said, “I have seen Malatya have changed incredibly since I last arrived.”

Mayor Melih Gökçek, who first visited the Trambus Maintenance and Control Center in Malatya where he came for the 6th Malatya Anatolian Book and Culture Fair, received information about the Trambus business from the General Manager. Later, Gökçek visited Malatya Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Çakır in his office.

“They have done excellent works”

Speaking at the visit, Gökçek stated that he was very pleased to come to Malatya and said that Malatya had a great change. Congratulating Mayor Çakır for his work, Gökçek said, “Our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor invited us to the book fair. On this occasion, we came here. We will make a presentation on July 15 at the fair. We visited Malatya. I have seen Malatya have changed incredibly since I last arrived. Our president has done excellent work. God bless you ”.

“Doyen in municipality”

Stating that he is very pleased to see Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek in Malatya, Malatya Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Çakır said that Gökçek is a doyen in municipalism. Stating that they benefited from Gökçek's services and projects in many fields and took him as an example, President Çakır gave brief information about the work done in Malatya. Noting that they entered a working order again with the metropolitan process, Mayor Çakır said that most of the main plans were completed, infrastructure works were completed and studies continued, and the SCADA system was established with the main transmission line at the center. Noting that there are many advantages of metropolitan status, Çakır stated that these advantages may not be reflected in the services as it is the first period, but they have invested above normal, especially in rural areas.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Çakır later gave Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek a gift of a porcelain jug with an apricot crystal and dried apricot in memory of the visit.

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