Sivas, Turkey champions Gemini Demirspor'l

Sivas, Turkey Champion Demirspor'l Gemini: little cushion on behalf of the Liberal Demirspor Turkey Sivas Twin brothers Mehmet Can Üngör Wrestling Championship and became the Champion of Turkey Abdulsamed Üngör.

17-22 May in Antalya, the Little Belt made in Freestyle Wrestling Championship in Sivas Demirspor Turkey joined the club wrestling team has scored a great success.

xnumx'ş who will compete in the Championship and winning the whole match 6 75 kg kg Wrestler Mehmet Can Üngör at Abdulsamed Üngör Turkey was wrestling champion.

Yildiray Kocarslan, General Manager of TUDEMSAS and President of Sivas Demirspor Club, accepted champion wrestlers Mehmet Can Ungor and Abdulsamed Ungor in his office and rewarded him with sports equipment. Koçarslan said, başta I congratulate our club's board of directors, coaches and athletes brothers in order to achieve these successes. Our goal here is to remove the future Taha Akgül'ler. Our Ata Sports Team To win the athletes who will serve for a long time. ”

Sivas Demirspor Club is a licensed athlete close to 200, stating that the success achieved in Antalya is not a coincidence, wrestling coach İbrahim Üngör, recently said that there is a visible movement in Sivas. Coach Üngör said, altında We would like to thank TUDEMSAŞ General Manager and Club President Yıldıray Koçarslan, who loved wrestling very much and that we value the athletes and coaches under the rise of wrestling in Sivas in recent years. "said.

Little Freelance Turkey Sivas Demirspor Club Championship Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling Coach Ibrahim Üngör club championships and has represented the Üngör brothers returned with a gold medal.



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