End of Tünektepe Cable Car Project

Tunektepe Teleferik
Tunektepe Teleferik

Tünektepe cable car project has come to an end: Antalya's long-standing dream has been reached in Sarısu Tünektepe cable car project.

Antalya city center will increase the attraction of the tourist from Sarısu Antalya Antalya's 618 point to the end of the cable car that will transport people to Tünektepe'den 1250. A few minutes later, the Tünektepe cable car project, which will bring together a unique view of Antalya, is expected to open soon. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Turel said in a statement from social media account Twitter M Telefirik is starting in Tünektepe! Preparations in the final stage eler Hazırlık he said.