Doppelmayr 120. Celebrates Age

The cable car industry engineering world quality and technology leader Doppelmayr 120 this year. Celebrates his age. Company founder Konrad Doppelmayr Doppelmayr started this tradition uninterruptedly since 120 started to build modern and reliable machines in the cable car sector years ago.

The company's brilliant data is also reflected in the results of the 2011 / 12 year. The Doppelmayr turnover is 628 million euros, with an increase of 10 million euros compared to last year. Moreover, the number of employees in the company has increased by% 3.7 worldwide. In the period covered by the report, many urban ropeways have been completed in Doppelmayr South America and Europe, and are in the process of construction and planning for many projects.

Doppelmayr continues to provide continuous adaptation of production methods and materials used for the latest state-of-the-art as well as challenges in global markets with customer-oriented product innovations. In this way, Doppelmayr can provide a solid foundation for the success of a sustainable company, expanding its position as a technology and innovation leader in the field of transportation installation as well as its production in the touristic and urban ropeway sector.

Company management 2012 / 13 expects maximum operating results with an increasing turnover for the business year.


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