Motaş Personnel were Trained on Quality Awareness Training

Motaş Personnel were given Quality Awareness Training: salon Quality Awareness Training 'organized for the institution was held in Motaş meeting hall.

Within the scope of the training organized by the Human Resources, the importance of the quality of service and the methods of the personnel in the service they provided were given to the personnel working in the institution.

The concept of quality, quality management brought for the enterprise, quality management brought for employees, sample quality applications in enterprises, participation, quality chains, instructions, procedures, mission, vision were explained with examples.

Total quality management is created as a result of the systematic approach of human, business, product or service quality, which is used to meet customer needs, and with the contribution of all employees. In all processes implemented in the form of this management, the ideas and objectives of all employees are used and all employees are included in the quality. Total quality Management; it aims to achieve customer satisfaction in the long term, to obtain benefits for its staff and society and to focus on quality.

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