23 April Trambus Takes City Tour With Tiny Passengers

23 April Trambus Toured the City with its Little Passengers: MOTAŞ had children to take a city tour with the trambus due to 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day.

Every year, 23 MOTAŞ, which has children touring the city with trambus in April, did not break the tradition this year. Feast of the trambus specially adorned MOTAS, city tour by making the children had an unforgettable day. City tour starting from Mashti After visiting the campus area of ​​Inonu University, gifts were presented to children who had fun with music during the journey. In the statement made by MOTAŞ on the subject, it was emphasized that national festivals should be evaluated well in order to instill national feelings and develop historical consciousness. Edik . X 23 April Trambus için was a small gift for our children to make our children taste the pleasure of being together, having fun together, living national feelings together ”.

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