In a car in Gaziantep hit train 1 dead

A car was hit by a train in Gaziantep 1 dead: The driver of the car, 47-year-old Şahin Yavuz, who was hit by a freight train at the level crossing in Gaziantep, died in the hospital where he was treated.
The incident occurred yesterday in the Aktoprak District. A freight train crashed into the 27 ZC 280 plate car under the direction of Şahin Yavuz, which was heading towards the Organized Industrial Zone. Yavuz, the driver of the drifting car, was seriously injured. Şahin Yavuz, who was taken to Şehitkamil State Hospital by ambulance by the paramedics who came to the scene upon the notice, died despite the intervention of the doctors.
Şahin's body was delivered to his relatives after the autopsy at the Forensic Medicine Institute.



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