Obstacles in front of Canal Istanbul

The obstacles in front of Kanal Istanbul are being lifted: In 2017, measures will be taken to ensure cooperation between public institutions in large infrastructure projects affecting large-scale, multiple institutions and sectors.
This year, unlike the previous years, a new method was introduced under the title of yıl Large-scale, multi-institutional and large infrastructure projects affecting the sector bu.
In Turkey, public institutions and organizations in directory investments emphasized been unable to ensure cooperation and coordination at the desired level, the institutions that carry out major infrastructure projects in the planning and implementation stages of information sharing and developing of joint decision-making between projects overlap and may occur was specified to prevent the additional costs.
In the 12 area, such as electricity transmission lines, water-sewerage transmission line, road and airport, public institutions will not be able to offer investment in the feasibility study without reviewing information on other institution projects.
In this way, coordination between public institutions will be ensured in major projects such as Kanal Istanbul. In order to ensure coordination, a list has been prepared and the principle that the entities cannot be offered for investment without checking this list and analyzing the information on other institution projects in the feasibility study was brought.

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