Metrobus drive safety cabinet standard set

The Metrobus driver's safety cabin standard has been determined: Let the Metrobus drivers not be beaten with an umbrella and the Özgecan's not die in the cabin button is also 'standard'. "Window film", which confronted millions of drivers with traffic cops, was also released on condition that it was 'approved'.
The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology changed the Regulation on the Production, Modification and Installation of Vehicles (AITM) from scratch. The striking changes in the regulation that was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force are as follows:
Provisions on how the driver safety cabin should be in public transport vehicles, which came to the agenda with the attack of the passenger with an umbrella on the metrobus driver in Istanbul, were determined.
With the murder of Özgecan, public standards on public buses, minibuses, vehicle tracking device, emergency button and camera system have been put into practice in order to solve the security problem in public transportation vehicles. Thus, standards were set for municipalities, dolmuşçılar, chauffeur rooms, public transport vehicles, vehicle tracking device, emergency button, camera system if they make it compulsory.
Camfilm coating, which caused a big problem between traffic policemen and drivers, caused controversy and punishment, was released on condition that it was produced by approved companies.
LPG / CNG filling stations at the filling stations, which leads to the grievance of personnel filling the mouth will not be at the bottom. In addition, the tank replacement time of 10 years in accordance with international standards; 20 year in CNG tanks and 15 year in LPG tanks.
Faruk Özlü, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, stated that they renew the AITM Regulation in force according to the technological conditions of the day in order to increase the safety of life and property of citizens on the highways and to ensure that the vehicles to be used are at a high level of safety. Concise, "Ministry held a national vehicle type-approval shall be applied for production of vehicle models made in Turkey. The tools of non-produced in Turkey are required to have a current EU type-approval certificate. In this way, it is intended to support manufacturing companies in Turkey. So manufacturing firms in Turkey will benefit from the exception in national legislation, while firms produce abroad will take the European type approval, "he said.

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