IETT Metrobüs Project in Singapore

📩 12/12/2018 18:03

In Singapore, Metrobus IETT Narrative Project: 147-year history of Turkey's most established institutions located between IETT, told the International Public Transport Association's summit in the world Metrobus project in Singapore.
Receiving the 2016 EFQM Excellence Achievement Award in the category of 'Adding Value to the Customer' of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), IETT explained the BRT in Singapore. IETT, which carries 4 million passengers a day in one of the largest metropolises in the world, conveyed its 10-year metrobus project and management experience at the summit of the International Public Transport Association (UITP) in Singapore. At the meeting of UITP, which has more than 92 members from 1300 countries, Suheybi Keskin, Head of IETT Strategy Development Department, shared with UITP members the story of the metrobus, which provides transportation to approximately 1 million people per day in Istanbul.
Speaking at the meeting, Keskin said that IETT works with the goal of comfortable, safe and healthy transportation in the city. Keskin said, “Among the most important goals of UITP; to promote public transportation and sustainable transportation solutions in the international arena, and to expand expertise and knowledge sharing among its members. For UITP, it can be called a platform where solutions, ideas and knowledge in this field are shared by bringing together all actors operating in the public transportation sector. We are trying to provide the highest quality service to Istanbulites by taking advantage of all the blessings of one-to-one and fast communication together with the developing technology ”.
Providing information about Metrobus, Keskin said, “Metrobus is an indispensable transportation method for Istanbulites, providing the fastest transportation between two continents in Istanbul. Thanks to the metrobus, people prefer public transportation instead of private vehicles. We will develop the Metrobus system further in the coming period. As Istanbul's 147-year-old brand, we act with the awareness of contributing to the sustainable urban development strategy. We are aware that sustainable transportation solutions also create a culture for the millions of people traveling together in the city. We continue our journey with steps in line with our history and future vision, ”he said.

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