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How will the future of transport vehicles: While constantly announcing new concept vehicles, how will we see vehicles on the streets after a while?
As you know, new concept tools have been announced for some time. Both automobiles, motorcycles and public transport are in constant innovation. If we can go a few years later, how will we see vehicles? Here comes the bride.
1- Roadway
Road transport is the most widely used type of transportation. Many innovations await us especially in the most preferred transportation type with the use of automobiles.
Driverless, Electric Cars

At this point, the vehicles and electric vehicles that can go without drivers even nowadays will be widespread in the years to come. The choice of the richest will be the very top-of-the-line automobiles, especially the Tesla Model S, while the affordable electric models of automobile brands such as Renault, Hyundai and Ford will be launched.
While the driver, who travels on the roads by taxi, minibus or even bus, will have the ability to act in a sensitive way towards the people or animals jumping on the road even with the artificial intelligence.
Future Motorcycles

New-generation motorcycles will be on the road, as BMW has introduced yesterday. Just like Motorrad, you'll almost never fall down on motorcycles with automatic stability.
2- Airline
Many innovations will be waiting for us on Airline. However, more than innovation, this sector will be in the forefront of interplanetary transport.
Journey to Mars

The journey to Mars, which has recently been voiced by companies such as NASA, SpaceX and Boeing, will be apparently taking place a few years later. Later, it is even possible to travel to Bodrum and Ibiza, not to Moon and Mars.
Faster Flights

Another factor, however, will be the interplanetary journey, but often the continent will continue its popularity. That means new aircraft technologies. New generation planes, which will have much more entertainment systems, will have a faster and longer range. So your flight experiences lasting a few hours or even a few days on average 1 will be reduced to a few hours. In other words, flights between Istanbul, Ankara and 1 will take place in Germany, Holland and England.
3- Seaway

The first priority in the seaworth is of course the speed. With the reinforced engines and the balance system, it will be possible to travel faster on non-rocking ships. We can also include floating vehicles in this category.
In other words, your car has the ability to swim in Anatolia-Europe in Istanbul, Göztepe in Izmir-Karşıyaka With your own car or new generation buses, you will be able to go directly from the ferry direction, not the bridges or the coastline.
4- Railway
At this point, our first example is Hyperloop. Although there is not much sound at the moment, today's airplanes may be even faster than the railway systems may come. Even a term such as a railroad, not a railroad can even arise.

One of Elon Musk's work, Hyperloop, will reduce the distance to 600km to 1. This train, which will move within a special tube gate, will be able to reach 1200km / hour speeds in the future according to the plans.
Ultra Super High Speed ​​Trains

YHT, which is currently used in our country, ie High Speed ​​Train systems, can reach speeds up to 500km in many countries. Although we are watching at 200-250km speeds in our name, these speeds will increase to at least 500km in the future. The arrival of these new trains, which will rewrite the express train concept, may be faster than other concepts.
As a result, the fact that the first difference will be faster transportation. Which, after the interplanetary transportation to the cities, the inter-continental transportation will also need to accelerate. Let's see if we can not see our grandchildren, even their grandchildren will use what kind of transportation.

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