Bomb alarm in Brussels alarm Train station evacuated

Bomb alarm in Brussels şüpheli The train station was evacuated: In Brussels, Belgium, two police were stabbed, two train stations in the city were evacuated because of a suspicious package.
The incident took place in the Schaerbeek district of Brussels in the afternoon. Stabbed in the abdomen and the neck of the injured police said that the health status is not serious.
After the incident, the attacker was shot by other policemen. The attacker was caught in his leg was recorded that the health status of the attacker.
Federal Prosecutor's Office SözcüEric Van Der Sypt said that the attacker was a Belgian citizen, Hicham D., who was born in 1973. SözcüAd The inaccurate result of the investigation shows that the event could be a potential 'terrorist attack',
After the attack, Nord Train Station in Brussels was released due to suspicious package. No explosives were found in the examination.

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