Antalya 3. step rail system line is waiting for approval from the ministry

antalya will be energized to the 3 asama light rail line
antalya will be energized to the 3 asama light rail line

Antalya 3rd stage rail system line is waiting for approval from the ministry: Speaking at the weekly meeting of the Industrialists and Businessmen Group Tuesday, İlker Çelik, 6th Regional Manager of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that approval is expected from the ministry in the 3rd stage rail system works planned to be held in Antalya, He said that work will be started if approval is obtained from the ministry.
Tuesday Weekly meeting of Industrialists and Businessmen Group was held in Antalya Tennis Specialization and Sports Club (ATIK). In the organization of President Muharrem Koç, hosted by Nazmi Acar, the meeting was attended by İlker Çelik, 6th Regional Director of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Stating that they are working very actively in Antalya by both the ministry and local governments, İlker Çelik said that although they serve a wide geography, they do not have enough staff.
“We have the idea to build an airport for 100-150 kilometers”
Stating that Antalya has a large coastline, İlker Çelik pointed out that there are many marina projects in Antalya center and districts. Likewise, İlker Çelik, who also gave information about the 3rd airport, whose project was prepared in Kaş, said, “There are 5 different places that are considered for the construction of the airport. We will choose the most suitable one and complete the necessary infrastructure works. ” Answering the criticism that the airport to be built in Kaş will harm the nature, Çelik said, “We are considering all of these possibilities. However, the same problems arise regarding the location of each investment in Antalya. Antalya's land is either a forest or a historic SIT area. As a ministry, we have the idea to build an airport every 100-150 kilometers. We aim to bring that airport to life without harming the natural texture of Kas. ”
“Alanya Marina has 77 percent occupancy rate”
Stating that the work on the high-speed train project is continuing, Çelik said, "I cannot give a date on when it will be done, but work on it continues". Stating that the project works related to the 3rd Stage rail system in Antalya city center are continuing, İlker Çelik said: "If the Ministry approves the project, the work will start." Pointing out that the infrastructure work of Demre Marina has been completed, Çelik said: “Work is underway for the superstructure. A cruise pier is built right next to the marina. There are criticisms of the port mouth being wrong here. We have taken all precautions regarding criticism. There are also criticisms that the marinas are not full. According to my latest figures, Kaş Marina has 85 percent occupancy rate and Alanya Marina has 77 percent occupancy rate. ”
“When the bridge demand came from the municipality, the project changed completely”
Responding to the criticism that the rail system work on Aspendos Boulevard has been a victim of tradesmen, İlker Çelik concluded his words as follows: “We did not have a bridge transition project in the first place. The project changed completely when the bridge demand came from the municipality. Even the width of the road has decreased. We had such a flaw here. But the municipality will overcome this problem with paving works over time. ” At the end of the meeting, Tuesday Group chairman Muharrem Koç gave İlker Çelik a plaque of appreciation for his participation.

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