Empty wagons in Haydarpaşa station became refugee house

Empty wagons at Haydarpaşa Station became a refugee house: Refugees marked this year at the 'Ytong Architectural Idea Competition' organized by Turkish aerated concrete producer Ytong for architecture students. Among these projects, the work “No Place çıktı came to the fore. In the project, Istanbul Technical University students constructed wagons at Haydarpaşa Railway Station as a home and agricultural area for refugees.
Turkey's largest manufacturer of aerated concrete is organizing a contest in which the Turkish Ytong architecture students participate each year. The theme of this year's 'Ytong Architectural Idea Competition' was 'refugees', one of the world's top agenda items. This year, the students produced projects on refugees, belonging and immigration under the theme of 'A place for disqualification'. The award of the winning projects was the Venice Biennial of Architecture. At the invitation of the Turkish Ytong, we were in Venice with the jury members of the competition, the President of the Turkish Ytong Board Fethi Hinginar and the students.
Middle East Technical University (METU) Faculty of Architecture Faculty Member. Dr. Celal Abdi Güzer, famous architect Nevzat Sayın, architect Nilüfer Kozikoğlu, landscape architect Deniz Aslan and Türk Ytong Deputy General Manager Tolga Öztoprak were the jury members of the competition. Even among the architects “I wish the Venice Biennale 15. Pavilions at the International Architecture Exhibition in Turkey had been given to youth projects in place, "he talked about. Meanwhile, Turkey pavilions in Darzana- 2 Shipyard, xnumxvasıt to exhibit his work. The 1 project received an award at Ytong's competition.
None Place: Among the winning projects, there is a project called “No Place Hayd that builds wagons at Haydarpaşa Station as a home and agricultural area for refugees. The project owners are Istanbul Technical University students Ebru Elif Aydın and Neslişah İnan. They were awarded with the proposal of refugee living spaces from idle wagons.
Morphogenesis: The projects of Istanbul Technical University students Merve Karabadan, Pınar Geçkili, Cem Eren Güven were living spaces for the refugees in Haliç, Taşkızak and camialtı shipyards.
Awakening: The students of Dokuz Eylül University Deniz Yıldırım and Cem Kalınsazlıoğlu prepared a panorama based on the concept that the world is a place for everyone in the war-torn journey.
None Country: Istanbul Technical University student Fulya Selcuk also produced a project for collective life, not consumption, by emphasizing the lack of property of the young architect.
Migropolis: In the project of Nur Damla Soyseven and Şevki Topçu, Istanbul Technical University students, life on the water was constructed in 2100 with a magnetic wave metaphor, since the Mediterranean will be a migration route that will last for years.
Underlining that the construction sector is the fastest rising sector after the 15 July coup attempt, Turkish Ytong Chairman Fethi Hinginar said that the short-term recession in housing purchases is not reflected in the projects and that the new projects and urban transformation continue. HINGAR, "200 million square meters of building permits per year in Turkey is taken. In August, 110 was selling a thousand housing units. This includes the sale of new and old buildings. There is no pause, the benefit of lowering interest rates on housing loans, long-term sales opportunities brought vitality to the sector, ”he said.
BETWEEN Turkey pavilion in different countries, including the architecture of the pavilions and architecture tour group, we found the opportunity to visit the exhibition under the biennale also talked about the new targets of the Turkish Ytong. Ytong 53 years in Turkey. Established 93 years ago, the company has an 23 factory in the 52 country of the world, and produces more than one million cubic meters of aerated concrete per year. The German company is one of the most powerful country Turkey. Türk Ytong Chairman of the Board Ytong Fethi Hinginar, who left 10's year behind this year, said: “This year we have exceeded Germany with our new production capacity. Stating that Turkey's ytong produce 36 million cubic meters a year Conquest Hing said, "This capacity 2.5 thousand housing units per year can be produced. Aerated concrete production is very important for Turkey because the building stock should certainly be renewed. Turkey's 200 percent live in cities and those living in cities percent of xnumx's not live in healthy housing. As Turkish Ytong, we have 85 factory. In the coming 50 year we will build another 6 new factory. In 5, we opened our new factory in Çatalca with an investment of 3 million Euros. Two new factories will be established in Marmara and one in the Black Sea Region. ”

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