Capital connects with Black Sea

The capital is connected to the Black Sea with the HRC: the Ministry, pushed the button for the giant project to connect the capital and the Black Sea. Ankara-Samsun High Speed ​​Train (YHT) project will be reduced to two hours between Ankara and Samsun
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım gave the commemoration at the Planning and Budget Commission of the Parliament. Ankara-Samsun YHT line of the tender stage stating that the Lightning, "Samsun-Amasya Çorum-Kırıkkale, consisting of our 286 mileage Train Line project between Ankara-Samsun 2 hours will be 15 minutes," he said.
Sharing the details of the giant project that will bring the capital and the Black Sea, Minister Yıldırım said that the project will start construction as soon as the approval of the project is completed. Yildirim, ılmış Samsun-Çorum-Kırıkkale YHT project will be a huge service to our country. With the project that will connect Samsun Province to Central Anatolia and Mediterranean Region and will be the most important north-south axis of our country, this railway corridor will be transformed into a high standard. In addition, with the completion of the Yerköy-Kırşehir-Aksaray-Ulukışla Railway project, the railway connection between the Samsun-Mersin ports will be provided and it is aimed to be reached from the north to the south in a short time. Ayrıca This line is very important to connect the three major regions of Central Anatolia, Mediterranean and Black Sea, stating that the Minister Yıldırım çok The project will be implemented in three stages: Ankara, Çorum and Kırıkkale corridor. Delice-Corum, Corum-Merzifon and Merzifon-Samsun, which are planned to be finalized in the case of final project preparation tenders. On Ecek We will implement YHT comfort between Ankara and Samsun very soon, Ankara said Yıldırım. With the giant project, we will bring comfort to the people of the two regions and save them from hours of journey. When the project is opened, it will be 3 hour 2 minutes between Samsun and Ankara, so we will establish a 'fast' bridge between Ankara and the Black Sea. Moreover, with this line, both passenger transport and freight transportation will be achieved in Samsun very soon after the rapid train comfort. Ayrıca
YHT ANKARA GARI this summer is open
YHT Turkey's Ankara-based network they established underlines the Minister Binali Yildirim, "Step by step, including from Ankara, a large part of our population, we are connecting with speed railway line. With this project, we will not only connect Samsun with Central Anatolia and the Mediterranean Region, but also the most important north-south railway axis of our country. In addition, with the completion of the Yerköy-Kırşehir-Aksaray-Ulukışla Railway project, the railway connection between Samsun-Mersin ports will be provided with this line. On the other hand, the construction of Ankara YHT Station continues. 2016 plan to complete in summer. When the project is opened, it will be 2 hours between Samsun and Ankara.

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