If you want to ride the empty metrobus you will pay extra

Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunneling Enterprises (IETT) will go on a controversial arrangement on the grounds of reducing metrobus density.
Taking the precautions for those who go to the first Metrobus station in TÜYAP, Beylikdüzü to find a place, IETT will take the citizens coming to the station from the metrobus before the boarding toll. Thus, those who come to TÜYAP stop to take the empty metrobus will have to pay once again.
Citizens traveling from Beylikdüzü to Söğütlüçeşme were able to travel by taking the metrobus from the intermediate stops, going to the last stop in TÜYAP in the opposite direction, getting on the empty vehicles moving from there and sitting. However, IETT made a new arrangement in this regard. In order to prevent the density of passengers coming from other stops to the TÜYAP station, the platform was changed.
In the information note, which was hung by İETT, u 16 will be opened in February. When the platform is opened, the passenger will be unloaded from the ground. For this reason, passengers coming to the last stop from the central station Beylikdüzü will have to pay a second toll at the entrance to the station again. Bu
Citizens reacted to the practice implemented today. . There is an incredible density especially in the morning and evening. He has a handicapped. Women, offspring how to get into this rumble? Bu he said.

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