Uludağ ropeway stations are becoming the center of life

Uludağ ropeway stations are becoming the center of life: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality makes the stations located on the ropeway system a life center. After Teferrüç'a Sarıaalan Station in the social areas, cafes, restaurants and shopping centers have established the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Hotels District facilities will be completed until the latest by the beginning of the new said.

President Altepe, the cable car belonging to Kadıyayla, Sarıaalan and Hotels Zone stations were found. Metropolitan Bureaucrats participated in the examination of the study President Altepe, 50 year after the renewed ropeway to Bursa and Uludag said that the movement brought.

Altay, increasing the number of foreign tourists with the cable car, the need to resolve the needs of the Metropolitan Municipality said that the intensive efforts of the President Altepe, stations, social areas, cafeterias, restaurants and people can meet and have a good time by equipping them with a life center, said they have made a living. Teferrüç'deki Sarıalan Station after the social areas are taken into service, stressed that the work in the Hotel Area Station will be completed until the beginning of President Altepe, "Kadiyayla Station will be used as a technical field," he said. Underlining that tourists visiting Uludağ need social facilities to spend a pleasant time, President Altepe said, geçirmek In heavy winter conditions, places where people can take shelter and have a pleasant time are completed one by one. These facilities will further enhance the attraction of Uludağ. Bu

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe visited the Sarıaalan Facilities and received information about the works from Bursa Teleferik AŞ General Manager İlker Cumbul. Sarıalan is the last area where the old cable car goes, and the station is a different beauty with the cafes, restaurants and social facilities. kazanEmphasizing that he is the best, President Altepe said, “While the attraction of the cable car increases, the attraction of Uludağ increases on the other hand. I would like to thank everyone who contributed,” he said.

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