Canadian Bombardier high-speed trains in the world to sell produce in Turkey

Canadian Bombardier to sell high-speed trains produce the world in Turkey: it produces for Trenitalia per hour, capable of speeds of up to 400 kilometer from the train in Rome showcased issuing Canada-based Bombardier company, TCDD 2 Pieces speed train sets exceeding 80 billion euros is preparing to tender.

TCDD'in 2 xNUMX more than a million sets of high-speed train kit prepared for the tender of Canada-based Bombardier firm, under the agreement with Trenitalia 80 speed up to the speed of the capacity of the train introduced at an international meeting. Bombardier, managers will invest in Turkey 400 million euros if they win the tender, the products that they produce at the factory they will not use it in projects in other countries. Bombardier's senior management made a presentation about the trains delivered to trainers from European countries as part of the train company of Italy's Trenitalia, 100.

100 million euro investment plan

According to the authorities, all of the train sets will be delivered to Trenitalia in 2017. The train was designed to speed up to 400 per hour. It was emphasized that the train could make maximum 350 km speed considering the existing road conditions in Italy. The program included a journey from Rome to Milan, and at a considerable part of the road the train reached the speed of 300 km. Bombardier officials, the train travel between Rome and Milan answered questions from Turkish journalists. Authorities, TCDD's 80 high-speed train set for the tender of a Turkish company signed a partnership agreement with the contract, if they win the bid, 100 said they would establish a plant with a million euros investment.

Partnership with Turkish company

the products to be produced in the factory to be established in Central Anatolia, Bombardier officials also said they planned to use in projects in other countries, Turkey railway agency emphasized that strategic approach.

Officials from the 1986 years operating in Bombardier's rail systems in Turkey, Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir provinces such as rail, metro, tram as well as signaling projects reported that they had also carried out. Authorities who underlined that they would like to make train investments have not given any names in accordance with their confidentiality agreement, but they have stated that they have signed a partnership agreement with a Turkish company under the condition of 50. In a statement Term Transport Minister Lutfi Elvan done this before, what they are looking 80 50 nativism minimum percentage requirement on the high-speed train set, he said they make it compulsory to be made in addition to the production in Turkey.

Turkey has invested 100 billion dollars to the rail system

Turkey to rail by the year 2023 systems (including urban transport) foresees to invest 100 billion dollars. The 49 billion dollar for this is for train transportation. Ankara-Eskişehir Mart 2009, Ankara-Konya High Speed ​​Train Line was opened in August 2011 and passenger transportation started. Ankara Istanbul YHT line continues to work between Eskişehir and Istanbul. In addition, construction and infrastructure works for Ankara Sivas and Ankara İzmir YHT Projects are under way. TCDD currently runs 40 high-speed train services between Ankaraİstanbul, Ankara-Konya, Ankara- Eskişehir and Konya-Eskişehir. Although the occupancy rates are very high, all the sets at hand are used almost continuously. Therefore, it is not possible to increase the number of flights in the current situation. Currently, TCDD's fleet has the 12 high-speed train set, of which the 10 is active. Turkey plans to buy up to 2021 years 106 fast train set pieces in total. 324 company offered a bid for the 3 subway vehicle purchase bid of the Ankara subway and won the tender for the Chinese CSR Electric Locomotive. 324 wagon Ankara car purchase bid in the subway of the Chinese company's offer was 391 million dollars. Upon the application, this tender was canceled.




    1. I wish it becomes real ! It is our wish that one of the 3 big companies, the creator of the HiSpeed-Train / YHT system, wins such a tender. BUT I wish someone came out without forcing conditions; - "We will produce in Turkey, will be at least 50% of domestic rates and internal servers in spotting to move into the future, we will train, also our production in Turkey>% export 50 whom none ..." vbg if there were a show of good faith in ... But no, nobody such a He did not state an intention, did not make such an attempt. Now it was seen how creamy this trade was + 50% domestic contribution and production in the country were required, which was a very correct and appropriate decision, albeit with a delay. Even the USA / USA makes these demands on the spot, at the level of> 80%… What needs to be done is that all these manufacturers roll up their sleeves and take part in this race fairly. I wish one of the giants could act visionary and make the final investment decision already and implement it immediately! There are some facts that elders should not forget: (1) these and similar investments are based on the "win-win-win" principle, never to be carried out in our country with the old customary belonging to the "always me" tribe. (2) After all, it is obvious that you do not want to produce the space shuttle, if it is not from you, it will be taken from it! (3) they say, in a folk phrase, “delayed love is a damage to the sac”… Do not forget: the three elders suffered the most painful punishment in the past 15-10 years. Although I was a member of one of the elders at that time and I applied various pressures to the authorities around me in this regard, those who mocked my country and their projects that they considered dreams at that time, remember this: The last laughs good laughs! + We are positively orientalized as much as we are western, but we never forget some things, that is, we are slightly spiteful. 3-As a result, it is inevitable for the elders to exert a LOTS OF DREAM than others!