Tram circled around the equator 465 times in Eskişehir

Tramway Circled the Equator 465 Times in Eskişehir: The tram system, which entered service in December 2004, has carried 11 million passengers so far to complete its 344th year.

At the end of the 2004 year, the first line of the line of bus, SSM and Osmangazi-Opera on the 2 line of passenger transportation, the trams, the 3 new line is completed on the 2014 by the side of the 7 separate line on the city passenger transportation is done. 2015 344 794 495 XNUMX passenger (since the end of September XNUMX) carried passengers since the day of service.

It is stated that this number is more than the population of the USA. Trams have also traveled a total of 18 million 637 thousand 707 kilometers since the day they were put into service. This distance means 465 turns around the equator.

A total of 7 trams operating on 71 separate lines in urban transportation in Eskişehir (Bus Terminal - Ssk, Otogar - Osmangazi, Osmangazi - Ssk, Emek 31 Evler - Opera, Çankaya - Osmangazi, Batıkent - Ssk and Çamlıca - Ssk) 110 It works with a carrying capacity of one thousand passengers.

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