Sumela Monastery cable car project created controversy

Sümela Monastery ropeway project created controversy: the cable car project of the Governorship of Trabzon and the Metropolitan Municipality of Sümela Monastery, which was visited by approximately 700 thousand people, caused controversy.

Although the authorities say taşıy We will consult with the experts jen, environmentalists are concerned that the project may disrupt the natural and cultural fabric.

Indicating that the ropeway project will be in service until the 2017 latest, Culture Culture Director İsmail Kansız said, proj We are planning to install a ropeway system on the 200-meter steep slope from the lower part of the region to the monastery. Infrastructure works are in progress. However, the cable car system will not be installed next to a haphazard, historic structure. The EIA report will also be received. Ç

Kenan Kuri, President of the Black Sea Environmentalists' Party, said: If done properly, it can be a good service if it does not harm the nature. However, because this work is done at the desk in our country, because the environment is not given much importance, it is the shortest way. Hopefully it won't happen, İn he said.

For the restoration of the historical monastery, an appropriation of 5 million was allocated.

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