Tractor manufacturer TÜMOSAN aspire to fast train

Tractor manufacturers TÜMOSAN speed train suitors: SPANISH signed a goodwill agreement to participate in high-speed rail projects in Turkey with Talgo high-speed train manufacturer TÜMOSAN'ı General Manager of Independence Meal, she said that they aspire to the high-speed train production.

Meals said the talks with Spanish high-speed train company are continuing for extensive cooperation. Altaan, which will start its operations in Altai tank development, is preparing to produce the first products in 2016.

The company stated that the first payment from the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) in the Altay tank engine and transmission development project will be reflected on the 2016 first quarter balance sheet.

Having signed a contract with SSM in March for the power group development project, Tümosan expects 2016 to take years to develop in 4.5.

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