Renewing the Sarıkamış Ski Resort

Sarıkamış Ski Center Refreshing: Culture and Tourism Minister Yalcin Topcu's instructions Sarikamish in Turkey's winter tourism is one of the most important ski centers refreshing Winter Sports Tourism Center.
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism Ministry of Culture and Tourism Press and Public Relations Consultancy said that the traces of the attack organized by the separatist terrorist organization started to be erased by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism last September.

With the order of Minister Yalçın Topçu, 2015 million TL allowance was provided in order to ensure that the center did not remain idle and that the damages given by the separatist terrorists were removed before the 2 year of the ski season.

The Topçu'nun Kars Governor's office will send the order to be reinstated as a result of the attack will be used to reinstate the damaged plant.

Culture and among the centers with potential for winter sports in 1991 by the Ministry of Tourism declared as tourism center of Turkey's Kars Sarıkamış Ski Center to offer services on an international scale.

Sarikamis Winter Sports Tourism Center, which is one of the most important sources of income of the East and has a total of one thousand 10 beds with 109 tourism facilities, is expected to reach 2008 thousand bed capacity with 1 / 25 thousand scale environmental plan plan approved in 12.

In line with the relevant environmental plan prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 5 pieces of mechanical facilities have been constructed at the Sarıkamış Ski Center.

The 8 ski slope built after the Ministry's environmental plan plan and the length of the ski run which is reached to the total 13 thousand 400 meters will be approximately 18 for the alpine sports.

Turkey's international winter tourism centers are among the Sarikamish attaches great importance to Culture and Tourism Minister Yalcin Topcu the center first terrorist attack as a result of the destroyed section of the can position the delivery gave new service, and then aiming a the moment before finishing speeding up the ongoing expansion work.